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Ciara One Two Step 10.05.21

Thanks for joining this evening's zoom session, lovely to see new faces and old friends and hope we get to skate together 🥰.

Most of this song is 'freestyle' with just the pre-chorus and chorus as the choreographed sections.


Slide left, slide right, 2 side steps left, 2 side steps right.


Your feet should make the one-two-step syllables on the floor, you can decide where you take these steps.

You may want to cross your legs, or slightly travel to the left or right. Start with either foot. (If we did this in real life we would aim to start with the same foot though 😉)

Look, look, one-two-step.

Heart, heart, one-two-step.

Point across body, one-two-step.

4 moonwalks back.

We have another members-only zoom session at the end of this month on a Friday. It will be going over some of our favourite 'join in-able' dances (we are 100% preparing you for a roller disco).

Yes, it will feature Beyoncé x

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