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CRAB WALK TUTORIAL Mel @troubleon8wheels Hi everyone, Where has the time gone? I've been meaning to make a tutorial for some time now, but not actually managed to get around to it. The pop-up shop was quiet for about half an hour today, so I took to opportunity to do this little Crab Walk tutorial, with a couple of variations at the end. It's always helpful to have your feedback, and let me know if you try it! Are there any other tutorials you would like? Have fun, Mel xoxo If you click on the link to view this and you get a 'broken link' message, it may be because you need to view the tutorial through the WIX app. This is free to download from your device's app store. All the tutorials ever made are in the tutorial group on the app, Gangster Skate Crew members just need to request to join. Try using this link:

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