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Skate Clinic # 2 : Roller Skating and Mental Wellness

Here is the latest Skate Clinic recording from last week.

Karen and Mel met to chat about what roller skating means and some of the common pitfalls we have encountered in our skate journey.

These include - comparing yourself to others and how what you see on the 'gram /social media isn't quite always what it seems. We also discussed @Craigjiggy and @jiggydust 's Skate of Mind Podcast where they discuss the curve of learning roller skating and how it can affect you.

Finally we talked about the responses to our blog posts about learning in the skate park.

Mental wellness is so important and we skate for fun. You are always welcome to ask questions or share your thoughts - chances are, we've felt what you're feeling and you're definitely not alone.

Skate Clinic chats are held on Zoom and designed to be for our members to join us. Once we have the RGG Store sorted, we will be able to do these in the evening and hope more people will be able to join.

It is unlisted so just for our members. (The signal was mediocre, so apologies for the grainy quality.)


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