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OUTDOOR SKATING It is great fun, there is no denying that a great joy for roller skaters is feeling the sun and breeze and not having to turn a corner after 3 strides. There have been a lot of messages from people asking our advice about skating outside. I've started by putting a brief guide with how to get started. Please be cautious skating outside. The ground is very hard, often very uneven and it will win. The NHS/health service do not need any extra burden right now, so be absolutely confident before you go. Suggested skills to master before you go: *You bend your knees without thinking about it to keep your balance. *You can skate forwards a bit. *You can stop. *Please* wear protective pads. In this video, I am not wearing pads. This is because I've got 8 years experience of skating on lots of different outdoor terrains, but when I was starting out I absolutely wore them all the time! And a helmet! I still wear pads if I'm trying new things. Finally, check your equipment before you go. You do not want a loose toe stop! I will do further little tutorials about skating down hills and maybe how to check your equipment. This video is intended as a guide only. Roller Girl Gang cannot be responsible for any accident or injury that you may sustain from outdoor skating.

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