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Monday Night Kitchen Choreography 11.01.21

Kitchens across the land unite!

Tonight's Choreo is an afro-fusion inspired dance set to My Power by Nija.

We worked on the introduction and first chorus. Nail the chorus as it repeats throughout the song.

Next week we have another section of the song - the choreography is similar in style with slow parts and faster precision parts.

If you can practise in front of a mirror it will really help your balance, and also you can make faces at yourself. Remember this style of dance should feel powerful and energetic.💪🏼


The video is mirrored to make it easier for you.


Single, single, double shuffle R Single, single, double shuffle L

Single, single, double shuffle R

Single ,single,double shuffle L

Now add arms, remember to look at your hands as they get higher.

Chorus: (twice)

R toe heel out, arms make power move

R heel toe in.

R toe heel out.

Stamp L, R, L

Twist R knee and lift (kind of like a kick) punch your R fist towards toe , twice

L hand straight in the air.

Nod 3 times - right, back, left.

Slide towards L (arms fairly free)

Slide towards R

Dip R back, arms and head follow

Dip L back, arms and head follow

Noreen Thompson
Öykü Linney
Öykü Linney
Öykü Linney
Jan 11, 2021

I really enjoyed thank you 🥰



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