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Skate Coaches

We generally aim to recruit our Skate Coaches from our pool of Volunteer Marshalls, however if you are interested in becoming a Skate Coach for RGG, please have a chat with Mel or one of the coaches.

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An avatar of skate marshall Jono

Volunteer Skate Marshalls

We are currently Recruiting Volunteer Marshalls who are able to support our events. 

This is a volunteer role with some paid opportunities 

Skate Marshall Role/ Responsibilities

  • To support community cohesion

  • To promote roller skating

  • To model different roller skate styles

  • To support event safety

  • To support smooth event running

  • As Roller Girl Gang is a Community Interest Company (CIC) and therefore does not make a profit, the Skate Marshall role is primarily a voluntary role.  However, to thank you for giving your time to help build the skate community and Roller Girl Gang we are able to offer a few perks. 

    The standard perk we offer is free skate time.  For every session you marshall for us, you will receive a free skate session with us (of your choosing, subject to availability)

    Occasionally we may offer payment for an event, these tend to be for longer sessions, day sessions or private parties. 

    Sometimes, the perk may be the event itself - for example a number of our marshall team worked a day at a festival, but received full weekend passes for the whole festival in return. 



    I hope that after hearing about what we need you are interested in joining our team,  If you would like to be considered, please email, answering the following questions  (no need for long answers! Just a quick overview!):


  • How long have you been skating?

  • What is your favourite type of Roller Skating, and why?

  • What days/ times do you feel you may be able to help on?

  • Have you skated with us before ? - if so which sessions? 

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