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Let's talk about wheels, baby!

Updated: Mar 8

Moxi Trick Wheels 97a 59mm

Choosing and changing your skate wheels can feel daunting if you've never done it before, or are unsure about which to choose. The range of wheels available is enormous and may seem overwhelming. Here is some basic information about the variety of wheels and their uses to hopefully guide you to finding your perfect set up.

Wheel hardness:

Wheels come in a range of hardnesses which are measured by durometer, which is a guide to the resistance of penetration. The rating is generally on an A scale ranging from around 78a up to 100a+ with the lower the number on the scale being the softest wheel and the higher the number being a harder wheel.

For outdoor skating on bumpy terrain - choose a wheel from the 78a range for a nice soft smooth ride.

For smooth street skating - choose a wheel from 78-90a for a slightly firmer roll to go faster and still grip the road surface.

For indoor skating and for roller dance when you are feeling more confident and want less grip - choose a wheel in the 88a-98a range.

For advanced skaters wanting the fastest roll and least amount of grip go for 98a+.

Chicks in Bowls x Reckless Park wheels 58mm 98a

Wheel size:

Wheel size is measured in diameter usually mm and range from around 55mm - 62mm. You would choose your wheel size based on personal preference and the type of skating you are planning on doing. Generally larger wheels would go faster - however this is also dependent on the hardness of the wheel and the intended use.

Ideally a soft outdoor wheel would be around 62mm although some people may prefer a slightly smaller wheel for added agility.

Skatepark skaters and jam skaters may wish to use a smaller size wheel for more control over movements and a lower centre of gravity around 55-59mm.

Our top picks:

Moxi Juicy wheels 78a 65mm

Outdoor -

Moxi Gummy/Juicy wheels - 78a 65mm - come in a range of bright colours and are perfect for a smooth ride on all surfaces. £29.95 x 4.

Radar Energy wheels - 78a 62mm - bright, colourful and bouncy - great for streets and parks alike. £27.95 x 4.

Moxi Trick Wheels Tan 97a 55mm

Indoor -

Moxi Trick wheels - Tan 97a 55mm, Lime 97a 59mm - amazing all round wheels for intermediate/advanced skaters for roller dance, skatepark, rink and any smooth surface. Two sizes for your ideal range of manoeuvrability and control.

Rollerbones Team wheels - 98a 62mm - a larger wheel for less confident skaters - with great all round suitability and a variety of uses. From skatepark to roller-rink and everything in between.

Final top tip: buy extra sets of bearings and keep them in your different wheels to make changing wheels quick and easy.

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