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Moxi Fundae wheel review.

Updated: Mar 8

Moxi Fundae wheels.

With the initial hype around the new Moxi hybrid wheel I was very excited to try them. They look amazing - four gorgeous marble effect colour ways with stunningly cute graphics of ice-creams (created by Nick Zegel the Art Director of Girl Skateboards no less!).

"Shaped for the skate park, poured for the streets" - they sound like the wheel we have been waiting for!

Moxi Fundae Wheels.

I was so keen to try them we headed straight for our local indoor skatepark. Wooden ramps and smooth transition, I was used to skating fast in my Moxi Trick wheels so how would these compare? The Fundae wheels have a super smooth surface with no ridges - they feel fairly soft to the touch and have a bit of bounce to them. On the wooden ramps I felt grounded but not held back. I could carve as usual but I felt like I was staying on the carve rather than sliding. The Fundae wheels gave a lot more control without loosing speed.

They are a perfect size for stalling and rail tricks - 57mm diameter and 34mm wide. Shaped with a curved outside edge.

Teal Fundae wheels on a Jack Boot set up.

I was able to slide and stall without any feelings of sticking like you would with a softer wheel.

The next test was on a flying visit to Roller Nation roller disco in London. I skated for around 3 hours on their smooth polished wooden rink floor. The additional grip of these wheels meant I couldn't just roll around endlessly - however I LOVED the added control I got from them. Learning new footwork and roller dance skills was fantastic as I had just the right amount of grip and slide. Spins felt under control and every movement was so in control.

Fundae at the skatepark.

Next up - outdoor skating!

I couldn't wait to see how these rolled on the rough surfaces around Leeds - tarmac, cobblestones and grit abound!

I rolled around my local park which is a rough tarmac footpath (plenty of sticks and small stones to navigate) and I couldn't believe the speed and smoothness of these wheels on a usually bumpy as hell surface! Just wow! Perfect amount of smooth roll yet enough grip to stop on a dime and turn when needed.

Finally I hit the skatepark - this park is a smooth concrete surface and usually quite noisy and clicky on my harder trick wheels. The Fundae wheels were super smooth and oh-so-quiet!

I felt fast and smooth enough to roll comfortably around. Still plenty of speed so no need to push and skate, yet enough responsive grip to control every carve.

I think Moxi have really hit the nail on the head with these gorgeous wheels - I can't imagine that I would ever need to change up my wheels from outdoor to skatepark and they are still just as comfortable for indoor skating and roller dance too.

Suitable for: A hybrid wheels that is a perfect balance between outdoor soft wheels and indoor hard wheels.

Great for beginners to the skatepark who are moving up from a softer wheel but don't want to commit to the speed and slide of a hard wheel.

A beginner skater may not feel as comfortable skating the streets in these wheels as you get plenty of speed, but for a more confident outdoor skater they are amazing!

Available in four colours and sold in packs of four so that you can mix-and-match.

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