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Moxi Lolly boot vs Moxi Jack boot

Updated: May 4, 2020

Gangster @mama_alien was keen to write about her experiences with Lolly and Jack boots:

I had my Lollys for about a year and a half, before I owned Jack boots. I ordered them from a skate shop, though sadly not from Roller Girl Gang as I didn't know many places to shop back then. I won't name the place but they sent me the wrong size in a badly re-labelled box and I didn't realise just how snug roller skates needed to be as I was fresh. Once I had skated in them for a while, I realised I needed a smaller, more fitted size, but by then it was too late! So I persevered with them, adding a thicker insole that made them more snug, as I couldn't afford new ones at the time. Although not the perfect fit, I adored them; they were so comfortable from the start. I was obsessed with break-in time, as I'd had problems with previous skates from rubbing, blisters and sore feet, but these required no breaking in at all.

I started using them at the skate park, learning new tricks while I was playing International Game of Roller Skate with the online skate community, and I got on really well with them. I learned pumping, drop ins, 180s, in fact all sorts with my Lollys. I think they are the perfect beginner boot once you know you want to roller skate as they last well and are comfortable, so you can enjoy learning and just have fun! I even started dabbling with some roller dance moves and I found them perfect for that!

The only issue I would say I had with them, (despite them being a bit big but that wasn't the skates fault,) was that while I skated the tongue would slip to the side. Yes that is a minor thing and doesn't cause any problems while skating but it did bug me.

In February 2018 I was able to try on some Jack boots at a stall Roller Girl Gang had at the Chicks in Bowls World Meet Up and boy oh boy, did they blow my mind! When I said the Lollys were comfortable, these are on another level. They also have a hook on the tongue to hold laces in place - bonus! I was in love with them and just knew they had to be my next pair! Since skating in the Jack boots I do honestly feel like my skating has progressed, particularly at the skate park. I feel way more secure and solid doing tricks now - they honestly feel like a part of my feet! And hell yeah I'm going to mention the quality of the skates again because for me, there was no break in time with the Jack boots either! They fitted like a glove from day one! I'm unsure if this is a good or helpful review or not because I do love both skates and I hope to get another pair of (well-fitting) Lollys to have as some dance skates!

So, in conclusion to my rambling my thoughts, if you want to just have a pair for the roller disco, to skate the streets with, and learn beginner tricks then the Lollys would be the ideal skate. But if you are wanting to learn lots of tricks in bowls or skate parks and want more stability when skating then the Jacks would be the better option for you!

Thanks so much for reading and I hope it has been a little bit helpful!

Lots of skatey love,

Mama Alien

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