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Adult Roller Skate Classes Are Back!

Updated: Aug 25, 2023

by Mel @troubleon8wheels

Since starting back to in-person roller skate classes in March 2021, at first outside, we have seen a steady increase in the number of folks attending and now have around 180 people each week accessing roller skating with us!

Now, 18 months later, we run all our sessions from the Ramgarhia Sikh Sports Centre, which has been our home venue for many years. We have also recruited and trained assistant coaches to our team, so we can continue to ensure a safe environment for everyone attending our classes.

Did you know we have social stories for all our sessions? Check them out here.


Frequently Asked Questions

Finding the Venue

One of the most challenging things is wondering if you have come to the right place. The sports centre is at the back of the car park up a slope, behind the Sikh Temple. There is more than one Sikh Temple in Leeds, so be sure to choose the correct one! (What 3 words reference models.wonderfully.rate). There is a lot of free car parking right outside the sports hall. On arrival you will see the entrance to the building, and you'll usually wait in the lobby area until we are ready to receive you. We also have a banner outside the sports hall on the fence, so you'll know you are in the right place.


We recommend you bring your own water to classes, although we do have bottles of water for sale should you forget.


Toilets are downstairs, and right outside the sports hall door.

Personal Belongings

Please bring personal belongings into the main hall with you, as there are no lockers in the changing rooms. We try to keep our things tucked out of the way, either under a chair or as close to the ends of the room as possible.

Checking in

We will usually greet you at the sports hall door when we are ready to check in for your session. It's helpful if you have your QR code from the ticket ready to scan, although we have your name on our register.


We strongly recommend that you book your spot to guarantee you have a place, as we have recently been turning folks away. If you need hire skates, please make sure you book a separate ticket.

What does 17+ mean?

This is our minimum age, though most of the folks at skate class are between 25 - 55. We have a mix of genders at our classes. The only exception are our Roll Forward Classes held in Bradford which are female-only.

Am I too old?

We don't think so. The vast majority of our organisation learned to roller skate as adults. We don't want to put a ceiling on your potential. You know your body best, you know when you need to rest or when you can join in. Some folks may make slower progress, and that is fine :)


Our classes and sessions

There are detailed descriptions on our website about each class. Here is a summary of what we offer.

Sunday Learn to Roller Skate is a fundamental skills class for folks who consider themselves beginners. We have a high ratio of instructors to participants and want people to feel comfortable. This session is often fully booked in advance. Skate hire available.

Tickets £12 + £1 skate hire

Sunday Practise session is for all ability levels. Some people extend their skate session by booking this session too. There is no tuition available in this session - our instructor team need a little break between classes. Skate hire available.

Tickets £5 + £1 skate hire

Sunday Skills Workshop is for those wanting to continue learning with us. Check the description for the focus each week, although we will cover a variety of skills. No skate hire available.

Tickets £12

Monday Roller Dance class is our favourite way to start the week. This class runs in blocks, so make sure you check the class is running before you travel. each block will be focussed on a particular skill that we will progress from week to week, although other skills will also be covered. This class is absolutely suitable for non-specialist dancers :) No skate hire available.

Tickets £10

Friday Night Social is our weekly wind down. Expect a mix of music (sometimes we have a theme - check the description) and a mix of people. We get a lot of brand-new skaters here, so ask that everyone attending keeps their speed nice and mellow. We offer an intermediate and advanced speed skate for those able to skate faster and fall safely. Skate hire available.

Tickets £7 + £2 skate hire

Special events. Every now and again we hold one off events. Our next big event will be a Corn Exchange roller disco on Saturday 12th November.

We also offer skate maintenance workshops at our shop, on the first Thursday evening of the month.

From £7


Our coach team are looking forward to supporting you on your roller skate journey.

What are you waiting for? Go book a session now!

Photo shows members of our coach team, supporting the roller rink at We Out Here festival.

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