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August Newsletter 2023

If you follow us on Instagram you may have noticed that the RGG team have become a bit Barbie obsessed. It has brought up feelings of nostalgia, as roller skating does for so many of us but it has us asking crucial questions about how we create joy through skating.

We know Ken takes his Roller Blades everywhere! Are you the same with your skates? Do they travel with you?

Focus for August, self care and joy. Whether that is personal or you're ready to share it. Positivity breeds positivity.


Friday Night Social

Our classes will be back in September, but one space which we keep open all Summer is our beloved Friday Night Social. This is a space for adult skaters to relax, connect and skate in a safe, joyful environment. If you are yet to attend this session, we'd really encourage you to give it a go. You may choose to skate with friends and make the most of our skate hire service or this may be the time in your week that you dedicate completely to yourself.

Whether you'd like to practice your favourite moves, learn new ones from the friendly skaters around you or if you'd like to skate the weeks worries away, we're here for you.

If you've been thinking about new wheels, our wheel library is also available to use during every Friday Night social. You are welcome to give our wheels a try to help you narrow down which wheels you think may be for you :)

The lovely skate marshall team will be there to offer you any support you may need- you'll spot them sporting purple Roller Girl Gang T-shirts!

Why not give Friday Night Social a try this summer and make it part of your skating self care plan?


Product Shout Outs

Introducing our exciting new collection built in larger sizes! We have built this amazing collection of RGG skates to help you find your ultimate pair of skates. When your foot size goes above a UK9, unfortunately your options in roller skate colours and styles tends to go down BUT we want to play our part to change this. Here are the first of of our new customs with two more pairs of Riedell 135 set ups, hand dyed by our team, following as soon as the dye dries!

With Riedell and Moxi prices rising, we have been able to keep the costs of the set ups using these boots low by using boots we have in stock in the shop and keeingp the boots at their original prices. To support our customers further, whenever we choose the parts for a custom build, we deduct the price by at least 10%, making these builds not only amazing quality but also fantastic value. Prices from £250


Upcoming Events

The early session for Project House is fully booked already, so snap tickets for the late session while you can!

Skate Love Barcelona Q&A & Tapas is a fantastic way of asking any burning questions you may have from people who have attended before. Tapas requires pre-booking. All diets catered for.

Just to go full circle with the newsletter, we are sure to see a certain film inspiring Hallowe'en 'fits this year! Dress fancy or fancy dress - we don't mind! Age 18+

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