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Clean your Suede Boots with Emily

Updated: Aug 25, 2023

Emily gave her Luna mint flash suede skates a good clean using Angelus easy clean suede cleaner, and she also used the suede brush kit to restore the nap once the suede was dry. Having skated regularly for the last ten months. her boots looked pretty scuffed!

What a difference comparing Emily's skates with brand new Luna skates! Emily has skated a lot! She says she has skated in them and loved every moment, rather than worrying about how they will look.

Regular maintenance of the suede will help to keep it cleaner. It also depends on the type of skating you do - indoors on a smooth sports hall floor will likely cause fewer marks than outdoor trail skates.

Part 1:

The suede cleaner is easy to use. Simply dampen a sponge and use it to dab onto the suede. Instructions are on the suede cleaner.

Part 2: restore the nap using the brush kit

The cleaning products definitely removed a lot of the dirt, although Emily said had she could have spent more time and repeated the whole process for even better results.

Emily used Angelus products to clean up her skates, available in store now.


Do you prefer your skates to look dazzling or dusty? (Or somewhere in between?)

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