Custom Coloured Skates

Updated: May 4, 2020

by Mel @troubleon8wheels

I love to be creative, and have painted my first pair of Lolly skates and then my first pair of Jack Boots using suede dye and @rollergoolie's great YouTube tutorial.

t was much easier than I had imagined, although the dye is very runny, and does stain skin! Even better, I was able to give my first strawberry pink lollies a new lease of life as a plum colour. The suede was in great condition (despite me hammering the boots at the skate park,) it was just a bit dirty looking. Once dyed, it also meant that cleaning the suede was really easy, as I just whipped out the dye and covered over any scuffs. Just make sure you seal the dye with a few coats of suede protector afterwards, or the dye may transfer onto light coloured clothing!

I decided that it had been a couple of years since I have treated myself to a new pair of skates, and being that it is pretty much my job, I'm allowed!

I started researching and planning what I'd like. I looked at the Riedell ColorLab to get ideas about what I could have, but although Moxi are made at the Riedell factory, these options are not available for Moxi. I seriously considered the OG 172s, but in the end decided I really want a Moxi Jack Boot. I also chose a Pilot Falcon + plate, as I like the coloured metal and that I can alter the angle of the pivot pin a little too, if I choose to. I am keen to have a specialist set up for roller dance, so went for a dance mount, with a shorter plate, in order to allow a tighter turning circle.

The main part of the process involved colouring the boot. I was careful to tape off the seam at the front, and use a very fine brush to work the dye into the suede around the edges, before using the larger sponge applicator provided.

I left the first application to dry and then went over it again. As I was only doing the surface area of one skate, I had one small bottle of suede dye, which was plenty.

When the dye was dry after the second coat, I sprayed a generous coat of suede protector over my skates, and let it dry. I was able to complete the whole project in an evening.


Note about these wheels: They are super hard clay wheels, designed for rink sliding and very, very slippery!

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