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Embracing Autumn with Roller Skate Classes this September

Updated: Aug 25, 2023

Join Roller Girl Gang for classes and events this Autumn!


Building Confidence on your Wheels: An Exciting start for Roller Skate Beginners

Are you ready to skate your skate journey? Or maybe you are new to skating and would like to start building your confidence and skills in a friendly supportive environment? If so, our beginner classes may be right for you :)

Our lovely team will take you right from the beginning. There is no previous experience needed for this class. We'll go over kit checks, standing up, starting to roll, stopping and so much more. Best of all, we help you feel comfortable on your wheels. We have all been there as beginners, we know how daunting it can feel but roller skating is incredible, it has so many benefits for supporting our wellbeing, pushing through initial feelings of discomfort has the potential to offer incredible rewards.


Navigating Autumn weather: Indoor vs. Outdoor Skating

This summer has really highlighted the impact the weather can have on where we can skate.

At Roller Girl Gang we love having the opportunity to skate in as many different spaces as possible. We have been so lucky to team up with Project House to have a great indoor skate event with them this summer and we will continue to bring you great classes and events at indoor spaces over the Autumn...but lets not leave out outdoor skating!

There is something really special about skating outside, it can have a very different atmosphere. It is also really exciting, each outdoor space is unique in its incline and surfaces. We love having outdoor meet ups and some of our favourites have actually been outdoors on warm autumn evenings or dry crisp winter days. In can however we daunting, especially if you have learnt to skate indoors.

In September we will be bringing you Outdoor Confidence Workshops to help you navigate those outdoor hazards (sticks, leaves, curbs...the list goes on!) and tailor and level up your skills to an outdoor environment.


Making the Most of September Ready for the Corn Exchange Disco

Are you exciting for the next Corn Exchange disco? We are too!! We love skating in such a beautiful space and making the most of the DJ to start dancing the evening away. Roller Dance takes practice and we thought why not start preparing in September :)

If you've never tried roller dance before, that is no problem at all with our 'Intro to Roller Dance' Workshop. We'd love to help get you started and get you ready to giving dancing on your wheels a go, in time for the disco. The most important thing to remember is to focus on your own journey, not the journey's of people around you.

We all come from different backgrounds, experience levels and we definitely learn differently and at different paces. Please be patient with yourself, celebrate your own progress and have a great time!


Embracing Skate Love Barcelona

Some of our team are heading out to Skate Love Barcelona this September, we love meeting fellow skaters, taking part in the workshops and trying out new skills. We know we can't all make it to Skate Love each year, so thought how better to share what we have learnt with you, then with a Barcelona 2023 Roller Dance Skills Workshop. We will go over our favourite moves, great tips and hints we have been given, new styles and mindsets that we loved from this years workshops.

Come and join us, lets embrace the feeling of Barcelona together <3


Whether you're rejoining us after our summer break or you're brand new to roller skating, RGG would love to be part of your skate journey xoxo

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