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Gifts from the Gang this December 2020

Updated: Mar 7

Hey there Gang,

We are here for you this December. We know that usually, we would all be out out, as its the time of year once that you still actually make an effort for, even if you're over 35. But 2020... well, you know the story. So things are looking different this year. We can still smile though! Here are some offers of ways Roller Girl Gang can give something back to this wonderful community.

Update: 23rd December

The Good News Giveaway has now been drawn - thank you for all the entries.

Winners are:

Better Bearings Pack - Luciana R

Velvet Wheels and jam plugs - Kelso L

Luna Skates - Jessica K

Discoblox - Kilja

Rainbow Knee Pads - Alex H-G


Coming soon!

Actually, this one isn't available yet, but it's too exciting to keep under wraps any more!

We are soon to be launching a monthly subscription box. Here is a teaser - can you work out what could be in it? This is a collaborative box designed by @doom_skates and Roller Girl Gang.


Festive Skating Challenge - open throughout December 2020

Take a photo or video of you skating in some festive garb. It could be your ugly Christmas sweater, something sparkly, a Santa hat, or full Rudolph onesie!

Let's just make people smile!

We know roller skates are popular right now, but there are still so many people who are yet to be converted to a lifestyle involving 8 wheels. Whenever we skate outside, people smile and nostalgically nod their head and tell us "I used to do that when I was young!" Roller skates bring back happy childhood memories for so many people. We are here to remind you that being happy is important at all ages, so if it makes you happy (and it's not causing harm) - do more of it!

Please send your photo on WIX, Instagram @roller_girl_gang or email to

If we publish your photo, we will send you a 'World's Okayest Skater' enamel pin badge for free. Open to worldwide.

By sending us your picture, you give us permission to publish it on our website or social media, tagging you if you include the means for us to do this. You can use photos from previous years, but we would be happier if you get take new ones! Our gift may not be returned or exchanged. There is no monetary value associated with our gift. Open to worldwide. We reserve the right to close this early, so get your entries in.


Members: Free Christmas-themed Roller Dance class on Monday 21st December 7.30-8.30pm

Join us for a festive freebie! We have a fun and easy routine for your small skate space. It's up to you if you join us adorned with fairy lights or tinsel. You must register to receive the Zoom link to your inbox. We have choreographed this routine for all ability levels, and will offer you a choice of either beginner or intermediate levels. If you've not attended one of our Zoom classes before, come and try it out.

If you miss this, we will post a tutorial video in the members' tutorial area.

Due to Leeds being in Tier 3, we are unable to re-start our physical classes, so we will carry on with our Monday night Kitchen Roller Dance classes on the 7th and 14th December (we gotta dance!)


***Drumroll please.... here's the big giveaway....***


Skate Dreams Do Come True - open until December 22nd. Winners announced live on Instagram on Christmas Eve!

Open to worldwide.

Edit - winner will now be announced on 23rd December.x

Who needs some equipment to take them to the next level? Is there someone you are really proud of who deserves a massive treat?

We have the following to give away:

*One pair of Discoblox - either regular or lowrider (depending on your plates)

*One set of Sure-Grip Velvet roller dance wheels and a set of fo-mac jam plugs

*One pair of Luna roller skates

*One pair of rainbow 187 Killer knee pads

*One Better Bearings Clean Up Pack

Tell us who needs which piece of equipment and why we should pick them in 500 words or less. Sorry - you can't pick yourself, 'tis the season of giving!

Nominate one person for one item from our giveaway list.

Email: with "Skate Dreams Do Come True" in the subject line.

Please include your nomination and the person's name and a way we can reach them - email, Instagram handle or a phone number. We will acknowledge that we have received your nomination, but you will only find out the winners of each prize on Christmas Eve, live on Instagram. Winners' names will then be published on this blog post. We will contact the winners using information you have provided. Winners will have 7 days to respond to our initial contact to claim their prize. If they do not respond, we will select another winner. We will also publish the winning submissions. By sending us words, you authorise us to publish these.

Prizes will be given in sizes to fit the individual winner's equipment or size as required. If we do not have the winner's prizes in stock, we will fulfil the prizes as soon as we can. Prizes cannot be exchanged for another prize, exchanged at the shop or refunded. Competition open to worldwide. We are not responsible for any local charges for importing goods to your country.

Discoblox - will be in the winners size/colour preference, Lowrider or Original style.

Sure-Grip Velvet wheels - winner may choose the colour or these and the jam plugs.

Luna Skates - winner may choose the size and colour.

Rainbow 187 Killer pads - winner may choose the size.

Better Bearings Clean Up Pack - no size or colour variants.


So what are you waiting for?

Hit reply (don't forget to change the subject line), tell us some good news, share a photo and win prizes!

Let's end this year with a bit of festive cheer!

love from,

Roller Girl Gang


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