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Good things come to those who wait: RGG Custom Skates

Have you been considering custom build roller skates, but are not sure what you want? At Roller Girl Gang we are passionate about stunning products, made by companies we love to work with, to provide a fantastic skating experience for you.

Mel says:

"Since building my first pair of skates almost 10 years ago, I've built so much knowledge and expertise in the art of skate building, talking to other pro skate builders; doing many, many practise builds and making lots of mistakes! I've now got an impressive collection of specialised tools, many of which have been imported. I never expected to enjoy wielding power tools as much as I do!"

With experience in multiple skate disciplines, including roller derby, ramp skating, roller dance, trail / outdoor skating and lots of roller discos, Mel is well positioned to discuss what you need from your roller skates.

We are delighted to support your custom build process. Start by contacting us by email or WhatsApp +447479430404


Shop Custom Collection

Our shop builds contain all the parts of a roller skate, carefully selected by our shop team.

We offer these shop builds with approximately 10% deducted from their RRP, because we chose the parts, not you. Rest assured that each custom skate is unique - we never build the same skate twice! We do our best to offer these in as many sizes as possible, from UK4 - UK12.

Come in to our beautiful shop and talk to our team about our custom builds.

Prices depend on the components chosen. Our shop collection range from around £250 - £450. Higher quality metal plates will push the price up, and if you want a fully custom boot, for example a custom width, colour or any other kind of customisation, you can spend a whole lot more!


Here are some examples of our RGG Shop Custom Collection


Still curious and want to chat to us about your custom skate build?

Make an appointment using the button below and we can meet you in person or online, where we'd be delighted to answer all your questions.

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