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Hallowe'en Disco 2023

Pumpkin Spiced Lattes!!! Our next Corn Exchange Disco is on the way and this year we'll be grooving to Spooktacular vibes with a Hallowe'en theme!

What to expect:

We'll have frighteningly good music, provided by DJ Chambiere. We'll be celebrating 50 years of Hip Hop, so get ready to enjoy the beats. We'll be starting off the evening with a One Hour Groove 'n' Roll Dance Workshop led by our head coach Mel! There are limited places on this pre-disco workshop, so book your places now. This is the perfect way to get yourself ready to have a dance at the disco. Whether you'd like to join in with other skaters, feel more comfortable grooving to the music on the spot or skating along or would like to get warmed up, this class is a great way to begin your evening. We have additional dance classes coming up at our Sunday Skills Workshops if you'd like to have extra time practicing dancing on your skates.

This year we are asking you to enter through the side entrance of the Corn Exchange, which takes you to the lower level of the building. See our video below to see how to get there :) As you enter you'll be checked in by our great skate marshalls. You'll have the opportunity to collect hire your pre-booked hire skates and you can leave any belongings at your own risk in the lower levels. The toilets are also located in the lower level, please be sure to remove all skates before using the stairs. A lift is available if needed, please ask a member of our team to show you where to access it.

Book your tickets here!! <3


Roller Disco Fancy Dress Top Tips!

There will be a few prizes available to the best individual and group Hallowe'en inspired outfits! Check out our top tips to get you started.

  1. Layers and breathable fabrics: We know it'll be cold outside but remember that once you've been skating for a little while, things will start to heat up quickly. Its definitely worth having some layers to stay cool while skating but keep you cosy and warm on your way home.

  2. DIY Spooky Accessories: No need to break the bank to give your favourite roller disco outfit a hallowe'en vibe. Why not head onto Pinterest, TikTok or YouTube to find some simply, easy ways to make Hallowe'en accessories. If you're feeling really creative, you could make a whole project out of it! From devil horns, to cat ears, bat wings to witch's hats, the options are endless.

  3. DIY Eco-Friendly Costumes: Wanting to keep your costume as green and eco-friendly as possible? Why not have a shout out to your friends and see if anyone can lend you a costume for the evening? If not, you could head to your local charity shop to see what you can reuse.

  4. Upcycle old clothes with spooky tie dye: If you want to combine getting creative with reusing your clothes, you could even give your clothes an upcycle to turn them into a costume or tie dye them Halloween colours e.g. orange and black, lime green and purple, red and black, the choice us yours!

  5. Skating Friendly lengths: Capes are cool but if you're shooting the duck be sure to have a plan so you don't tangled up in your wheels haha. Same goes for your claws, tails and tentacles.

  6. Glow up: Choose to be seen with glow sticks, reflective accessories.

  7. Move and Groove ready materials: What ever the outfit you go for, remember you'll be skating the night away, so make sure its comfy and skate ready.

  8. Group Themed costumes: Coming along with your friends, why don't you try out a group themed costume! Go 80s with a Ghost Busters vibe or Put a Spell on us with your best Hocus Pocus Cosplay, we can't wait to see your ideas.

  9. Turn your skates into scary creatures: Give your skates a spooky update with Halloween themed colours, laces, charms and ribbons. Make your own wings, one night only pumpkin charms in card or reuse old Halloween decorations.

  10. Face Focus: Instead of thinking about your costume, you could focus on your face. Think of all the ghostly options available in face paints, glitter and make up. Maybe throw some wet wipes in your bag, if you're going for this one. If you get warm you might want to make some alterations!


Prices and Timings

Dance workshop + Disco: 7pm - 11.30pm - £30 single / £105 for 4 participants + £3.50 skate hire pp (if required)

Disco only: 8.30pm - 11.30pm - £20 single / £68 for 4 participants + £3.50 skate hire pp (if required)

Very limited on-the-door tickets will be available, these will be £25 each + skate hire. We suggest pre-booking to avoid disappointment to secure your skate size.


Disco Safety and Etiquette

  • No skates are to be worn on the stairs at any time.

  • Please be careful coming in and out of the RGG Shop on your skates, going from smooth flooring to carpet and vice versa, can be tricky!

  • Please be mindful of your fellow skaters. Please try to avoid sudden stops, turns or swerves in close proximity to others.

  • If you consider yourself a more experienced skater, please take particular care to be mindful of newer, less experienced skaters.

  • Please be sure to stay hydrated, however please keep your drinks away from the main skating areas. We suggesting going to sit by the side. If there are any spillages, please alert a Roller Girl Gang Skate Marshall as soon as possible.


Pay a visit to the RGG Shop: Scream if you need anything...

Not really haha, our little shop can get very busy during discos, so we really appreciate your patience while our team help you out :) If you want to beat the crowds you could even pop in during our daytime opening hours. We'll be open from 10am-5pm that day, if you want to chat to our team. Our amazing Roller Girl Gang shop will be open during the Roller Disco until 10pm! This is your chance to pick up your orders (yes! you can place your orders in advance to avoid disappointment), pick out some new accessories, swap out your wheels or try on those skates you've been thinking about for agessss.

You might even be organised enough to be thinking about Christmas presents or starting your own wish list!


Refreshments from Bruschetta

Our amazing Corn Exchange friends at Bruschetta will be kindly providing hot and cold drinks, lite bites and sweet snacks! Don't forget to treat yourself to some of their tasty treats :)



Event Profile:

This event is due to be loud music and busy with people in close proximity to each other. The lighting will be naturally dark with some artificial lighting. No Strobe lighting will be used. The shop will have bright lights and is also likely to be noisy and crowded. If at any point you would like a break in a calmer, quieter space, please feel free to remove your skates and go to the lower level of the Corn Exchange.

Spectator Carers are free, please contact our team to organise this.

Disabled toilets are located on the lower ground floor, lift access is available to all levels.

If you require any further accessibility information please contact our team:


Travel Suggestions:

By Car:

Crown Street Parking is the closest open air car park, behind the Corn Exchange

Victoria Gate Car Park is a large new multi-storey 0.2 Miles away

Trinity Car Park is 0.3 Miles away

Citi Park Royal Armouries 0.7 Miles Away

Public Transport

Leeds Railway Station 0.4 Miles

Leeds Bus Station 0.2 Miles



  1. How long do I need to have been skating? We don't have any rules about how long you need to have been skating. You could be a casual skater, an experienced one or perhaps you're a beginner? Just take it steady and have plenty of breaks, our marshalls will be on hand if you need any quick hints or tips! You may enjoy yourself a little more if you've had a practice before hand, why not join us at a class or Friday Night Social to get yourself rolling before the disco?

  2. Do I need my own roller skates? No, we have hire skates available. Remember to book your size when booking your ticket. Popular sizes tend to sell out quickly.

  3. Can I use my inlines? Yes! Inlines / roller blades are welcome at all our events. We know some folks on inlines like to be super speedy, so just want to remind everyone (quads and inlines) that the Corn Exchange is NOT the place to practise your speed skating. Thanks so much for helping us maintain a good relationship with the other traders in the building. If our marshalls feel you are skating to fast, they will have a quiet word with you and ask you to chill. If you ignore them, they may ask you to leave and no refund will be given.

  4. Are there age limits? Yes! This is an 18+ event.

  5. Can I bring my non-skater friend along too? We have limited spectator tickets available, if you'd like them to come along be sure to book in advance. If you're coming alone though, please don't worry :) lots of people skate alone, you'd be very welcome.

  6. Where can I get some dinner before heading to the Roller Disco? We are so lucky in Leeds to be surrounded by great eating spots. Drinks and small bites will be provided by Bruschetta in the Corn Exchange during the disco but if you would like to see what else is available before the skating gets started, Call Lane is just around the corner has lots of little places, there's also Little Tokyo, Red's, Doner Summer, Nando's and Pieminister a minute's walk away.

  7. Is there parking available? Yes, while the Corn Exchange does not have it's own parking, there is lots close by. See our recommendations for areas to park above.

  8. What's the dress code? Fancy Dress is encouraged, have fun with your outfit!

  9. Where can I leave my shoes and bag? Bags and shoes may be left in the lower levels of the Corn Exchange as you check in, this is however at your own discretion, we would recommend keeping all of your valuables with you at all times (you can't go wrong with a bum bag!)

Have more questions, this blog hasn't answered? No problem! Just drop us an email to


Get Ready to Have a Ball at this Hallowe'en Corn-Ex Skate Party! RGG Team xoxo

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