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How to Adjust a Toe Stop

Updated: Feb 29

by Mel Blackwood @troubleon8wheels

In this video, I'm working with an adjustable toe stop (the bolt-on style cannot be adjusted).

The three tools are:

An adjustable wrench

These toe stops are something we look for when selecting roller skates for the shop, as they can be adjusted as the skater improves, and also tailored to different terrain types.

Before putting your skates on, its worth just grabbing each toe stop and checking they aren't loose. If they are, and you are skating on uneven ground, folks have been known to lose one!

Similarly, if you are practising skills that involve turning on your toe stops (toe stop pivot spins come to mind) check your toe stops every few turns. The amount of pressure you need to put on the toe stop can work them loose unless they are really tight.

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