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January 2022 - Big Wishes

by Mel @troubleon8wheels

I always enjoy some introspection, and looking back on this month I realised I had been holding my breath for the last couple of months in 2021. I've started doing daily self care, by making sure I actually eat properly and stretch every day. I injured my back last year, which has made the muscles really tight, so I'm working on back care and strengthening all the muscles. Now, at the end of January, I feel a much better. Now, to keep it up!


Thank you for all the support we've received this month, our shop has actually been much busier than December! We have been completely surprised by people choosing us for their first pair of roller skates too. We know that most folks come to us for their second pair, (or third or fourth or more). We assume people coming for their first pair are down to recommendations from *you*, so thank you.

We've also had a huge number of people wanting custom skate builds, custom wheels and more. It's so brilliant to see that folks who started skating a year to 18 months ago have got such a clear idea of the direction they want to take their skating in. Building roller skates for you is such a joy. I make sure that every pair leaving the shop is always my absolute best, so you can skate even harder. I'm writing this as living proof that roller skating can actually change lives (essay title right here), and having your very own custom build is honouring yourself the most. You're practising the highest form of self-care. Right?

January is one of the darkest months of the year, and our mental health can really suffer (even more than other times of the year, and this is on top of the beating we've had for the last couple of years.) Living in a temperate climate means we also are at the mercy of the weather. Despite the cold and rain, it's so clear (thanks to Instagram) that many people have been out to skate. If you can skate outside in January, any other time of the year should be much more fun! We know it's hard to motivate yourself to get out there, but you'll feel so much better when you do. Our mega order of Luminous light up wheels arrived too, providing a much needed blast of light in the evenings. We've seen these flying out this week, but our year's worth of back orders arrived all at once, so there are plenty more.


Things we wonder...

It's been a pleasure packing your orders, wondering where they end up and who the new owner will be. As a small business, we care deeply about everything that leaves us, and especially appreciate the colour matched orders. We do our best to get everything right first time, and where we don't, try to put it right as soon as possible. What we'd love to see is what happens next.

How does your new skate gear support your skating? Does it take time for you to adjust to new equipment? How does having new equipment make you feel?

We would love to know!

Comment on this blog post, tag @roller_girl_gang on Instagram, leave us a Google review or post in our Roll with the Gang Facebook group.

Thank you for taking care of yourselves and us this January. We hope you make yourself a priority this weekend.

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