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K-Pop Glam: Unlocking the Aesthetics of K-Pop.

Updated: Aug 25, 2023

By Laura Marie

Hey everyone! <3

I thought I would introduce you to the aesthetics of K-Pop; after all, it isn't just about the music!

Hopefully this blog can inspire you to try some new looks, or even start your venture into make-up, just in time for the roller disco. Please remember that make-up is about creativity and expression, there is no right or wrong way. I am not in any way a professional K-Pop make up artist, I just enjoy the ability to express myself in my own personal way :).


K-Pop make-up focuses on flawless skin and bold looks.

Eyes are usually the main focus, with the use of attention-drawing colours, eyeliner and often the use of gems for accentuation. Most of the time, pinks, corals, browns and shimmering neutrals are used on the eyes as these can be used to highlight and contour.

However, bright and strong styles should not be forgotten about. In the images to the right are members from a group called 'Stray Kids'. (In order from top left to right: Bangchan, Han, Lee Know, Felix, Changbin, Seungmin, Hyunjin and I'N)

These images show the variety in artistic styles that the make-up artists have, and is not limited to just the face; some make-up artistry can continue on to the chest.

Contact lenses are often used to enable the eyes to appear larger in size, and a gradient lip can be used to create a 'youthful' look, although this is not always the case, a matte lip is quite popular.

Eyebrows in K-Pop are meant to look natural but accentuate the eyes and face shape.


It is not only the make-up that provides the aesthetic look for K-Pop, but also hair and fashion.

K-Pop hair is usually defined by boldness, versatility and the ability to appease fans by complementing the overall image of a music video or comeback. Many idols will go through a variety of hair changes, including shorter cuts, extensions, bleach, bright colours, dark colours and so on.

K-Pop fashion is not limited but usually the outfits are very creative and thought out. When a comeback happens (refer to the first blog if you are unsure on what this means!), outfits are usually themed around the title track, with colours and pieces complimenting all the members together.

Images from Left to right: Yeji with green plaits from Itzy, Minji from New Jeans, Yuqi from (G)-Idle, Namjoon from Bts, Hyunjin from Stray Kids, Jungkook from Bts


Finally, below are some quick looks I did as my interpretation of K-Pop looks on a Western eye! As I say I am not a professional, I just love make-up experimenting.

Please check out my Instagram @Sakuralxllymua for other looks I have done (including a roller skating x K-Pop aesthetic photoshoot with RGG!).

You don't have to dress in K-Pop style to attend the roller disco, but if you would like to try something different, I hope that this blog has given you some inspiration!

I can not wait to meet you at the Roller disco this Saturday, July the 1st! <3

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I'm really drawn to this post! The aesthetic perfectly mirrors the polished and professional vibe I've come to appreciate in the Depositphotos blog visuals. The attention to detail and the call for a freelance graphic designer suggest an exciting opportunity to contribute to something visually stunning, much like the captivating images on Depositphotos. Can't wait to see the creative collaboration that unfolds!

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