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Luna Skates Unboxing and First Impressions

Updated: Aug 12, 2020

by Mel @troubleon8wheels

I've been searching high and low for a roller skate to fit the mid-price point between Rookie roller skates (£79.99) and Moxi Lolly skates (£299.95).

I think I've found it! Presenting...

Luna Skates' models - the Princess in white textured leather and the Shadow in black fine suede almost like velvet.

In pictures, it is hard to see the textured surface of the Princess, but up close, it is clear. This makes them look significantly different from the bright white vinyl of the Rookie Artistic skates too. The leather is soft and has an almost weathered look to it, giving them a beautiful patina.

The black Shadow model is very modest, with only the Luna skates logo to give it some flair, but the suede definitely gives the boot a touch of luxe.

On first look out of the box, the heeled boot gives them the elegant artistic look. There is an adjustable toe stop too, and the plate has a locking nut with Allen key supplied. This feature is usually found in much more expensive plates and is a better solution than the screw in nut as it grips the toe stop tightly in place. If you want to use toe guards or toe caps, this toe stop will be much easier to fix in place too. Looking at the plate, initially I was confused. The plate looks fairly slim in profile, surely it couldn't be nylon or a plastic composite? I went to Luna Skates' website and discovered that it is actually an aluminium plate and trucks, that has been painted black. Using high grade aluminium will give the skate extra strength and stability. Luna Skates have tested the skate strength with up to 100kg.

The transparent glittery wheels are rated 80A, which is softer than the Rookie Artistic wheel, making them even more suitable for outdoor skating. The softer the wheel, the more comfortable the ride. They are considered to have a 'high rebound' (which means bouncy). They are also a large diameter 62mm and have a curved edge, similar to the Moxi outdoor wheel. Once you have weight in the skate, it feels like the trucks are set to allow movements to flow more easily. Overly tight trucks can really hamper your progress, but please don't start unscrewing parts of your skates unless you know what you are doing! The trucks are set for beginner recreational skaters, so if you are skating ramps, you'll probably want to tighten them.

For comfort, there is a large Lycra panel at the heel. This also means you can lace the boot all the way up and still actually move your ankle.

The tongue and interior of the boot are also well padded, so lots of comfort and minimal break in time. The toe box feels pretty solid too, so even if you trip, you won't bash your toes!

Luna skates even managed to get the sizing pretty accurate.

I wear a UK 6.5. I tried the UK 6 and it was slightly too small, while the UK 6.5 was spot on.

Interestingly there is no UK 7, as Luna skates sizing chart is slightly different. I would recommend UK 7 to wear the UK 7.5.

Karen tried the UK 7.5, although she usually wears a UK 8. She said it felt slightly too small, and would prefer a size up.

Our web content manager Jenny also tried Luna skates and said she loved them.

Overall, I am impressed at the quality of these skates for the price. The simple styling gives them a classy look, and the logo is cute, but not too cute.

Looking at Luna Skates' website, they have been extensively tested by roller skaters in Germany.

I am thrilled that Roller Girl Gang is now a UK stockist for Luna Skates.

Want your own pair? Click here.

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