March Skate Skills Practise #1

by Mel @troubleon8wheels

I've been trying to think about how to mix things up a little bit in March, and rather than create separate tutorials, which are already available on the tutorials group, I thought I'd run a virtual pre-recorded class instead.

Skate Fundamentals in lockdown is a very tricky class to run. In my opinion it requires more space than roller dance, which can be done with very limited space. In November's lockdown, I was running these over video from an outdoor location, but the UK climate just made me feel less than confident that the sessions would all go ahead in January / February, which is why they stopped.

I've recently been contacted by lots of new roller skaters, who have found that it is a very different experience to roller skate indoors and then outside.

Please wear all the pads you need to in order to feel safe, practise falling onto them, and try to find the flattest space you can outside at first. You will get there. Roller skating fundamentals need to be learned thoroughly in order for your muscles to build (this takes time, don't rush your body!)

Learning to start and then immediately stop indoors can be frustrating. It also means that when you are practising stopping indoors, you won't ever really get up to a realistic speed, so outside, you're wondering where your skills went. They're still there, you just haven't practised at this new speedy speed!

Controlling your speed is key to confidence, and you will need to be pushed *every so gently* outside of your comfort zone to gradually build the speed and confidence. Start small, and in a few months of regular practise, you will be whizzing down those hills with shrieks of joy rather than a squeak of anxiety!

This video is broken down into a warm up and then covers some skills. The warm up does include falling practise, and I highly recommend you practise this.

Each section of the warm up can be paused while you do the activity.

General skating around your area - depending on your experience, it may take you 1-2 laps to feel warm, or it may be 10 laps.

This week's skills are:

Fundamental roller skaters: Lemon practise, plough stop practise, skating backwards.

Improver roller skaters: accelerating and decelerating using lemons, plough stop practise (never practise this enough!), beginning backwards crossovers.

Following physical activity, we recommend you stretch and cool down properly.

Hope this supported your journey!

Thanks for

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