March Video Class #5

by Mel

First of all, I realise that I usually post these on Tuesday mornings, and I have somewhat dropped the ball here.

However, I wasn't able to get out and video anything this weekend. The wind was strong, and at times when it wasn't, I was already occupied with other things. The making of these lengthy videos takes me around half a day, once you add the editing and uploading and extra blog post.

I'm often sat on a Monday night after the skate class finishing it off and scheduling the post for the following morning. The block of sessions ends with this one.

Taking everything into account, I instead decided to be live on Instagram. I saved the live, so if you are not on social media, you should still be able to view it here.

This video is instead about mental wellbeing. How we can build emotional resilience and lower our anxiety around roller skating, but also through roller skating.

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