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New Membership and Video Series

Updated: Aug 25

by Mel Blackwood

Ohhhhhh snap! It's finally here.

The editing took far longer than anticipated, but we have filmed brand-new content and pulled it all together in a shiny new video series. This is by far the most complete video series we have ever created with an emphasis on the mental and emotional journey in roller skating as well as the physical one.


Having received feedback from so so many folks saying they would love to attend our classes, but either geography or time is a problem, we present:

Learn to Roller Skate - A Video Course for Absolute Beginners.

The Roller Girl Gang approach to learning to roller skate has been carefully crafted over years successfully supporting folks in West Yorkshire. We include a strong consideration for mental health as well as building muscle (physical health). We know our approach works, as we have successfully introduced thousands of people to eight wheeled life! Now, for the first time, we have broken down our foundation course into 5 sessions, with so many teaching points and tips for success included, we KNOW you can do it.

I will lead you through each session and tell you everything you need to know (and probably a bit extra too) so that you know you will embed good technique into your skating. We will also discuss what progress looks like and how you may feel at each step. Let’s normalise how tricky learning to roller skate is! Tough at any age, we become significantly more fearful when we are adults, so it is even trickier to take a risk.

Wheels on your feet? Most people say no.

If you are one of those people who feels that something is missing, or that you need time for yourself and how do you do that? If you have tried other sports and found they’re not for you, roller skating could be the activity that brings you joy.

Here are some of the glorious things folks have told us about our classes:

"Skating with RGG has helped improve my confidence not just in skating, but also in other parts of my life. I’ve made new friends who will become lifelong friends. I was nervous as a fat person, that everybody was going to be skinny and athletic, yet you all made me feel at home straight away."
"What attracted me was the friendly and open attitude. I sent you some emails and said I’m an old trout, should I be doing this? It was your response, your open replies and the friendly attitude that made me feel able to come. "
"What I’ve learned; you beat yourself up and say I can’t do this... when it doesn't really matter. Just the fact that you rock up when you can is ballsy enough as it is, anything else [you do at the session] is a bonus! It takes resilience and it's good for your mental health."

It's such a privilege being part of your journey. When you choose us to be your roller skate instructor, we are truly honoured to serve and support you as best as we can.


More about the GSC DELUXE Membership Plan:

We listened to our current members who told us what they want from the membership.

We are delighted to have been able to support you throughout the pandemic with our Gangster Skate Crew membership, and are ready to offer the next tier.

Our new plan is called Gangster Skate Crew Deluxe

*It costs £100

*lifetime access to these videos so you can re-watch any time

*mini reflections after each session to help you re-frame your thoughts about learning to roller skate

*an UNLIMITED use code that brings free shipping from £300 down to £30. That means if you enter the code on an online shop spend of £30 or more, we will ship your products for free. Forever.

*All the benefits of the regular Gangster Skate Crew membership - member only videos and members' only newsletters

*Additional discounts on some new products or special events

Once you are a Gangster Skate Crew Deluxe member, you'll have access to these videos for life. It is a one-time payment, and you will be able to replay as often as you need. That means you can take the course at a pace to suit your needs and lifestyle. I poured all my love and positive energy into this video series for you and cannot wait to support your skate journey.

How to sign up? Click the button below.

If you are already a Gangster Skate Crew member, you will be able to upgrade your membership to Deluxe! (We've already dropped you an email about it!)

Step outside of your comfort zone, but now with us in your pocket.

You got this!

Mel xo

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