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Newsletter: Lockdown Week One

Hi everyone,

Hopefully you are safe and well during this lockdown #2 in the UK.

I've been observing socials fairly closely and I have noticed a divide - people feeling worse because it is darker and the isolation feels more pronounced, and people who feel that we can get through this one more easily, as we know what to expect and have already built a support structure. Which ever camp you fall into, it's going to be okay. If you are able to go out to work, that little bit of structure may really support you, as we tend to find safety in structure. If you don't leave the house to work, it can be helpful to build a simple daily routine for yourself.

What will you eat? When will you have your daily outdoor exercise? How will you connect with people today?

The team and I are doing our best to support you from afar with online sessions via Zoom. These are Zoom meetings rather than webinars, as we think it is important to be able to say hello to you.

Additionally, I'm compiling a local list of places to skate outdoors in the Yorkshire area, with help from lots of friends who are sending in their suggestions. You can find our list as a highlight on the Roller Girl Gang Instagram page. There are lots of other groups around the country who are the experts of their local areas. We hope to plan a big skate trip for 2021 though!

If there is anything else you feel we can offer support with, please just hit reply and let me know.



I know it's the season to be buying stuff for your friends and family and if you are in the position to do that, that is brilliant. I think everyone's budget is likely to be tighter this year!

I'm extremely grateful for the recommendations and repeat customers who support us, so I have created surprise gift boxes which have some really great savings in them compared to purchasing the items separately. These have been created for skaters and the non-skaters who may be buying skaters the gifts in mind! Maybe a screenshot or two to guide them wouldn't hurt though!

Also, if you would like any small items gift wrapping in tissue paper, we will do this for free, just leave a note on the checkout page.


The Importance of Pom Poms

Finally, next Sunday is our pom pom a-long crafternoon from 4-5pm. You will just need some wool, cardboard and a pair of scissors to join in.

If you don't have any wool and would like us to send you some, just hit reply. We can add some wool to an order going out to you this week, or if you are a website member, we can send you a bit of wool out for free!

I had an idea that in the Corn Exchange Store, the photobooth should feature pom pom garlands made by our skate community, and we have had people contribute pom poms to the garlands. The skate community is really important to Roller Girl Gang, we wouldn't be here without you, and we love the personalities visible in pom poms! If you ever have plans to visit Leeds post-lockdown, I would love to add your pom pom to the wall, or you can post it too. For this pom pom crafternoon though, feel free to just join in and wind wool with us. Maybe it will become a hair accessory or skate decoration?


Coming up this week:

Monday 7.30pm - Kitchen roller dance - suitable for small spaces and for beginner - intermediate.

Tuesday 1pm - lunch break check in chat (members only)

Wednesday 1pm - lunch break check in chat (members only)

Thursday 7.30pm - Skate Maintenance - all about the parts of your skates this week. Bring your questions!

Friday 7.30pm - Friday Night Social online

Saturday 10.30am - Saturday Skate Skills - skating backwards, transitions and crossover technique.

Sunday 4pm - Pom Pom craft-along (members only)

Click here to book.

Skate safe,

Mel xoxo

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