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Newsletter: November Lockdown Sessions

Updated: Mar 7

Hi everyone,

Having opened the RGG store in the Corn Exchange only a few days ago, I didn't expect to be forced to close it (albeit temporarily) so soon! I was hoping to drink tea and chat with customers about their skate needs, take the odd photo, video a tutorial and generally *finally* enjoy having a desk that isn't my kitchen table. Ah well, back to the kitchen for a few more weeks.

I've consulted our instructor team, and this is what we have come up with to keep us all going.

You may not realise, but when you join our sessions, we get all excited and have little chats about you. They go along the lines of "Oooh, it's so-and-so, I haven't seen them for ages! Do you remember we met at this place?" or "Does anybody know this person? Someone we haven't met is coming? That's so exciting!"

We have tried to offer a variety of on and off skate activities, most of which are suitable for all abilities. To make the booking more straightforward, everything is in the Classes section of the website. Gangster Skate Crew members you get £1 off every session requiring payment, and access to the members-only sessions. The code is in the 'Free Stuff' forum. If you haven't signed up as a Gangster Skate Crew member yet, get your skates on! It's still just £10 (one-off payment) for a lifetime membership to our website. We highly recommend you get the WIX app as it offers a mobile-friendly experience, particularly for accessing the forums, tutorials and anti-racism groups.

All our sessions will be run on Zoom. There is no requirement to have your video or audio on, unless you would like feedback or you would like to connect with us.

Mondays - Monday night roller dance 7.30pm - 8.30pm - we will offer beginner - intermediate level roller dance. We suggest you have roller skated before and have some control over your wheels to get the most from the sessions. We will also support you to start skating with shorter stoppers of jam plugs if you want to try this.

These sessions will be suitable for small spaces.

£3 / £2 members

Tuesday - lunch break 1pm - 1.30pm Off-skates check-in chat to make sure you're okay. Tell us about what you've been doing, what you plan to do, your pets, snacks or favourite music.

Free (members only)

Wednesday - lunch break 1pm - 1.30pm Off-skates check-in chat to make sure you're okay. Tell us about what you've been doing, what you plan to do, your pets, snacks or favourite music.

Free (members only)

Thursday - Skate maintenance 7.30pm - 8.30pm - if you are unsure about your kit, grab a warm drink, get your skates and let's go through some basics so you know the parts of your skates and why people change parts of their skates.

Each week we will look at something slightly different: here is the planned programme, but it may be subject to change.

£3 / £2 members

Thursday 5th - Changing your wheels and different wheel types

Thursday 12th - Parts of your skate

Thursday 19th - Clean your bearings

Thursday 26th - Toe stops vs jam plugs

Friday - Friday Night Social Online 7.30 - 8.30pm - Our favourite session of the week! Last lockdown, we were joined by roller skaters from all over the world, although there is no need to actually have your skates on! We call this the FNS, as before lockdown, we had a buzzing night at a small sports hall in Leeds, where we met, skated and had a selection of drinks available on a pay-as-you-feel basis. It provided a chance to practise things we had been learning in class, try to work out inspirational videos we had seen online, or just be creative on skates with our pals. Missing hugs, but we will have a virtual one anyway!

Here are the themes for our FNS: (subject to change)

Friday 6th - Divas

Friday 13th - 90s RnB vs Britpop

Friday 20th - Megamix

Friday 27th - Boy bands vs Girl bands

£2 / £1 members

Saturday - Saturday Skate Skills 10.30 - 11.30am - Beginner roller skaters, this is the session for you! We will take you through the getting started process and aim to give you confidence as well as providing tips and feedback on how you can improve your technique if you would like it.

£3 / £2 members

Sunday - 4-5pm Sunday Crafternoon We love to create, it feels great to make things, (no matter how they actually turn out in real life), we should be proud of what we can achieve.

Here is our proposed schedule of makes, but this is subject to change. There is never any pressure for you to share what you are making!

Free (members only)

Sunday 8th - Let's draw!

Sunday 15th - Pom Pom-along

Sunday 22nd - T-shirt Macrame

Sunday 29th - TBC or book club?

During lockdown, we are suspending our monthly Skate Clinic session for members, as the sessions we are providing replace this.

We have also added to our Friday Night Social Online so it is weekly rather than monthly.

If you are booked on a class during November, we are offering you the opportunity to re-schedule, have a voucher or refund. You should have received an email about this, just hit reply and let us know what you'd like to do.

UK Lockdown #2 is almost here, so let's use it as a way to connect with people we wouldn't usually have the opportunity to connect with. Is there something you want us to do that will support you?

Just hit reply and let me know. If it's possible, I'll make it happen. By booking anything, you continue to support Roller Girl Gang, as we are more than just a skate shop (although do please get yourself a pair of socks and a cosy top too - hehe). Thank you for your support over the last few years, but particularly in 2020 - your messages through the 'gram, the website, email, FaceBook and in person have been incredibly gratefully received and I feel incredibly lucky to still be in business. We want to reflect that love and support back to you.

Stay safe and well.

Big love,

Mel, Karen, Jen, Sarah, Emma, and Ronke

Your Roller Girl Gang Instructor Team

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