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November Stock Room Sale!

Hi folks,

Our stock room is looking very full, with quite a lot of lonely skates! Help give them a home, they want nothing more than to be rolled on :)

The pandemic has made purchasing for the business really tricky, as roller skates were really difficult to get hold of, and then the cost of shipping really soared, making everything much more expensive. Coupled with delays in shipping, due to global issues, it's meant predicting when skates arrive at our shop, pretty much impossible.

Now extend that same issue to everything else roller skate related - wheels, bearings, toe stops and plates. Not only have manufacturers had issues with sourcing raw materials, but they have also encountered problems with shipping.

We have been through waves of roller skates - when our shop opened last year, we had very little, and over the course of the year I have chosen to heavily invest in having skates to actually try on in store. This is something that we've had great feedback on - thank you to all the folks who have spent time in our shop trying on everything we have in their size. We understand how different skates feel and it's important you get the right fit. We also understand that you need to take time to consider buying roller skates, as they are an investment.

Suddenly in August this year, lots of roller skates turned up at once. It seemed like there was a re-opened channel in the shipping lanes of the world, and shipments could arrive!

Orders that we placed between November 2020 - July 2021 showed up in August 2021, along with orders that arrived early! Around that time too, restrictions in the UK lifted to allow travel, and fashion brands jumped on the roller skate bandwagon with cheap offerings. It became a perfect storm - lots of roller skates and not so many skaters.

We really need your help to clear our stock room, so please share the link below with friends who may be looking for roller skates! We are unlikely to ever be this generous again with a sale, so help a small biz out ;) and scoop a bargain at the same time.

We've got everything from a UK3 - UK11 and possibly one pair of UK12...

If you are buying a US size, we suggest you buy one size up if you are not sure. For example, if you usually wear UK6, choose skates in US7. If you are not sure, please use the size guide on each listing for support.

Link to roller skate sale

We can't wait to unite roller skates with new skate homes!

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