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Ordering Deadlines Coming Up for February - International Suppliers

With our 5th Annual Valentine Roller Disco coming up at Leeds Corn Exchange on February 17th, we are very keen to get orders finalised with our international suppliers so we can get your goodies in time for the disco.

If you are ordering a skate build it is even more important to order ASAP, as skate build orders form a queue. They are built in the order we receive them.


WIFA - 5th February

If you would like WIFA boots in February, make sure you get the order to us ASAP, as at 9am UK time, that order will be finalised with WIFA. To streamline the ordering process and ensure boots are reserved, as soon as you place your order with us, we let them know to add your boots to our pile. Then on the advertised date, we close the order and they are packaged, weighed and sent to us. The time lag can be 10-14 days but in January it was longer as it is ice season.

WIFA boots offer excellent value for the quality of boot on offer. We love the leather lined boot and stacked wooden heel as well as the range of colours and sizes available. They make custom boots a much more affordable option.

Which one to choose?

Street suede £150- most flexible, greatest range of colours, sizes EU36 - EU42

Street deluxe £190 - nubuck finish, stiffer boot, limited range of colours, sizes EU36 - EU45

Street Xtreme £225 - nubuck finish with additional ankle stiffness, black or grey, sizes EU36-EU45

Custom colours - price on request .


Popin'Jo Skate Bags - 5th February

These glorious little bags really have solved a problem!

Durable construction and a great range of colours, now extended to the Big Jo.


STD -Skating Technical Design- Plates - 5th February

The Danza or Skill plates with oil slick rainbow neochrome finish or the Elyo plate with either 7 or 8mm axles will be ordered on 5th February too.

Plates feature a 20 degree kingpin for excellent response. They are super strong and fairly light, intended for artistic roller skaters to land jumps safely.


Below parts - 5th February

Also from our international suppliers are the following:

Sunlite plates

Avanti plates

Velvet wheels

Fo-Mac wheels

All American dream wheels

Fo-Mac Toe plugs


Products or manufacturers not listed above, eg. Moxi, Riedell, Rookie have UK based suppliers and we place orders far more frequently. Some pro-Riedell boots are not kept in stock at Riedell UK, we are the only UK skate shop to have 172, 336 and 3200 colour lab boots in stock for you to look at and try. Boots at this level are ordered on an individual basis with delivery estimates provided at the time of ordering.

If you are looking for a specific item that is not listed in our online shop, drop us a message and we will see if we can source it for you.

We hope you found this information helpful.

Thank you for choosing Roller Girl Gang for your roller skate builds and your continued support.

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