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Outdoor Roller Skating in the UK: Part 2 - HILLS

Updated: Mar 22

by Mel @troubleon8wheels

You've been brave enough to step outside, and realised that everywhere is a hill!

Here are three coping strategies to help you embrace rather than fear those hills.

  1. Using your toe stops. We recommend you use your toe stops as you are skating backwards. This also means you need to be comfortable to look over your shoulder so that you can see where you are going .

  2. T-stops. It's always a good idea to practise this on flat ground before heading to a hill, just make sure you use all wheels on the floor.

  3. Carving. This is a leisurely way of getting down a hill, it is definitely not the shortest route, but is one of the most enjoyable. The feeling of flowing is why people skate down hills!

As always, when you are roller skating, where all the protective gear you need to feel safe. We recommend you wear at least wrist guards and knee pads when you are trying new things. If you are very inexperienced, a helmet is advisable, as many skaters fall backwards.

If you don't have a membership to our website, you won't be able to access the video! We offer memberships at various levels, just head to our Join the Gang page to pick the right one for you.

Were any of these tips helpful?

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