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Roll Forward Project

Updated: Aug 25, 2023

We are excited to announce a new project to support getting more people rolling. It is a long term goal of ours to lower the barriers to access roller skating as much as possible and thanks to a Sport England grant as part of the Queen's Platinum Jubilee Activity Fund, we have an amazing opportunity to help.

Why are roller skates so expensive?

We know that this is a pricey activity, but we also know that good quality equipment is not cheap. We want folks to invest in better quality equipment that lasts longer and provides a better skate experience and we select the brands we stock carefully. For folks wanting to try out roller skating before they invest, we offer hire skates. However, the way to make the most progress is to own your equipment.

What will we do? UPDATED SEPT 2022

Having sold the majority of our initial preloved collection, we realised that it makes more sense to recommend folks to either sell on or pass on their pre-loved roller skates. We also learned that we don't have the space to store so many skates!

We have donated the remaining pairs of roller skates to The Skate Scholarship - a project running at LS-TEN skate park. Any further roller skates donated to us we will pass on.

Thank you for the support for this part of our Roll Forward Project, we have been able to purchase 20 pairs of skates . We will now focus on continuing to deliver a high quality experience to the women in Bradford.


Why are our beneficiaries women?

Roller Girl Gang are here to empower and uplift all genders, particularly women, who still in 2022 experience a wage gap and do the majority of caring responsibility in the home. We will run sessions for specific target groups and eligible participants will have the chance to receive new roller skates, based on attendance over time. Beneficiaries will need to meet certain criteria, including attendance and postcode area linked to our award in the first instance. We are working with a compliance officer, to ensure that the way we select beneficiaries is as transparent as possible. This work is ongoing. We define women as anyone who considers their gender to be female.

Participants for the Roll Forward skate sessions will be invited in the first instance.


Contact us

Business WhatsApp: +447577825189 (This service is only operational during shop opening times). If the shop is busy, we will prioritise customers in-store and get back to you when we can.


We would appreciate you sharing our project.

Much love,

The RGG Team xoxo

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