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Roller Skate Services

Updated: Mar 1

Your roller skates need regular maintenance in order to maintain the best condition. Particularly once you have made an investment into them, it makes sense to learn about and look after the various components yourself.

If you are interested in learning how to care for your skates, look out for our skate maintenance workshops coming soon!

Maybe you don't have the time or expertise to do this yet, or you have inherited a pair of roller skates and would like them reconditioned.

We have amassed plenty of skate tools, including drills, socket wrenches, metal files, and the usual things you would expect to find, like pliers, screwdrivers, hammers and bearing presses. We build plenty of roller skates in store, as well as maintain our whole hire skate stock of 120+ pairs!


We recommend your roller skates are serviced regularly, every 3-6 months, depending how often you roller skate. Free safety check-over and estimate: before carrying out any fitting or repair. Any pair of roller skates: regardless where you bought them. Thorough servicing: we get our hands dirty so you don't have to!

Bronze Level Service: £10 (while-you-wait)

  • toe stop checked and tightened as required.

  • wheels removed; axles wiped clean and wheels replaced.

  • Service does not include any additional replacement parts.

Silver Level Service: £20 (while-you-wait)

  • As Bronze level, plus

  • Bearings removed from wheels, wiped, inside wheel hubs wiped and bearings re-fitted.

  • Vinyl or leather boot cleaned. (Suede boots will not be cleaned)

  • Service does not include any additional replacement parts.

Gold Level Service: £25 (drop off)

  • As Silver level, plus

  • Bearings fully cleaned (if removeable shield, or replaced with Sushi ABEC-7 bearings if not).

  • Trucks removed and cleaned

  • Cushions removed and cleaned

  • Fresh feet innersoles provided

  • Service does not include any additional replacement parts.


Adjustable toe stop housing can become damaged if the threads are not properly lubricated before installation.

We have a tap and die set to support the re-threading of imperial 5/8" toe stops. This service includes removing a stuck toe stop, however, should we need to remove your plate to get the stuck toe-stop out, this will incur an additional charge.

How to prevent this?

Ensure toe stops are greased before using. Petroleum jelly or a heavy grease is ideal.

£25 per toe stop.

Fit Slideblocks bought from us £10 (while-you-wait) Fit Slideblocks bought from elsewhere £15 This includes us removing and wiping clean all the hardware from your kingpins, installing your slideblocks as per the manufacturers instructions and re-stacking the hardware on your kingpins. Should replacement cushions/bushings be required, this would incur an extra cost. We will fit slideblocks for a custom roller skate at the time of building at no extra cost.

Install new cushions from RGG £10 (while-you-wait) Install new cushions bought from elsewhere £15 This includes us removing and wiping clean all the hardware from your kingpins, replacing cushions with a new set and re-stacking the hardware on your kingpins. If you would like us to add new cushions as part of your Gold Roller Skate Service, you will only pay for extra cushions, not the additional installation charge.


Wheel Services

Magnetic Spacer Swap £4 (while-you-wait)

Do you have a faulty magnetic spacer that means your wheels are not lighting up? We will see if we can fix your magnetic spacer issue £2 or if we need to replace it, it will be a further £2 (£4 per wheel).

Want to make your wheels as unique as you or to get that perfect match to your roller skates? Custom dye is the way!

You can choose from single colour dips, double colour or triple colour (pictured) in a combination of your choice. Take a look at the listing for more wheel inspiration.


While many of our customers delight in stripping down their roller skates to learn about the components, plenty of folks do not have the time, knowledge or correct tools to do it themselves. If this sounds like you, or you've bought pre-loved roller skates, why not pop into the shop for a free safety check over, so we can discuss your service requirements.

Bearing cleaning £20 (allow 3-4 days) This includes full cleaning of 16 bearings. Removal of bearing shield, cleaning, drying, re-lubrication and re-installation of the bearing shield. Please contact us if you require urgent cleaning.

Bearing fitting £6 (while-you-wait) This includes 16 bearings fitted into a set of 8 roller skate wheels. This is a free service if you spend over £100 on wheels and bearings or you order a custom roller skate build from us. Swap bearings from old to new wheels £12 (while-you-wait) this includes taking the 16 bearings out of existing wheels, wiping the bearings and inside of the wheel hub, before fitting these into new wheels.


We've been building roller skates since before The Corn Exchange Shop existed! it's brilliant to now have a workshop space at the back of the shop now, instead of using the kitchen.

We regularly discuss custom build roller skates with clients and customers - thank you for choosing us and trusting us to build your dream pair of roller skates.

We do not charge for consultation time, however we are not able to make decisions on your behalf. You need to be clear about what you want. We have written a number of blog posts to help you make your decision. If you are still not sure, we help you gain clarity.

Here are some examples of the recent WIFA collection we have built in-store.


Roller skate maintenance is an essential part of your roller skate journey. Plus, we love to empower folks to learn new skills.

Do you need help with something we have not offered above? Please drop us an email and we will do our best to help you.
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