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Roller Skate Size Survey

Hey there skaters, we need your help!

We are looking to compile information that will help all UK roller skaters with sizing, as we are currently finding the size guides provided by various manufacturers to be less than perfect. (We've worked this out from the number of exchanges we are doing at the shop.)

Please help future roller skaters and complete the survey. Feel free to share it with your friends, or complete it no matter where you got your skates from.

Survey will close Saturday 20th February and then we will analyse and publish the results!

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Hi Mel this is brilliant. Its hard at the moment as people are not able to try skates on. I think what would really help as well is if shops would take the insole out and measure it them self. Lots of Australian skate shops does it and is really helpful. ❤


Feb 12, 2021

Brilliant idea Mel. Sizing is such a pain. I’ve completed this 3 times for the 3 different brands of skates I own. xoxo

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