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Roller Skate with us this January 2024

Learn to Roller Skate Classes

Our popular adult learn-to-roller skate classes return on Sunday January 14th 2024.

We offer two sessions most weeks: 2.30 - 4pm and 4 - 5.30pm We offer two sessions as we limit the number of people attending.

Our coach team love these classes - we appreciate you trusting us with the first and most challenging part of your skate journey - getting started!

Whether you are returning to roller skating after a break, an accident or you've been curious about roller skating for a long time and decided 2024 is your year - we are here for you!

What we cover:

Getting started from the absolute beginning - putting your pads on and getting up.

Rolling forwards, backwards, stopping, turning around, a start on crossing feet.

If you're wondering what happens at our learn-to-skate class - check out the video below.


Skills Workshops

Mel is standing in a sports hall wearing roller skates. She is explaining a roller skate skill, while the class watches.
Skills workshop

If you are beyond fundamental level and want to improve the skills you've already learned, then join us in our weekly skills workshops held on Sundays from 5.30 - 7pm. Our programme covers a range of skills and from February we are including a Skate Fit workshop, which is a chance to put those skills into action!

We are proud to support a very diverse community - all genders, all identities, all ages (from 17 - 70+) (family friendly sessions including under 17s are monthly) - neurodiversity, and more. Folks attending our sessions want to meet other skaters and improve their skills.


Social Skating aka Roller Disco

Friday Night Social is a space where all skill levels are welcome to practise. Held in our familiar sports hall, it allows skaters to develop familiarity with the space. The sports hall also has a free car park, a bus stop right outside on Chapeltown Road and is a short walk from Leeds city centre. We offer a selection of hot and cold soft drinks on site, although you are welcome to bring your own. Please ensure cups used in the sports hall have a lid.

We also play weekly skate games, to support the range of experience within the hall. All games are optional, and may range from dances, like Roll Bounce or the Macarena, to Limbo or Box Tag.

Speed skate - you must be able to fall safely, (tucked in) and get up quickly to take part. We strongly suggest you wear protective pads if you are less experienced. We will stop skaters and clear the floor when it is time for the speed skate. We will usually hold two levels.

Intermediate - fall safely and starting to cross over. This is a perfect opportunity to practise those cross overs. Advanced - a full sprint for the duration of the song. Sometimes there may be additional challenges, for example clockwise, figure 8 or backwards.

The middle of the roller skate area is coned off and we encourage skaters who want to practise movements more slowly to use this space. We know you may feel like you are being watched because you are in the middle of the room, but no-one will be watching! Everyone is simply too busy concentrating on what they are doing to notice!

For 2024, we are introducing a monthly theme! The final Friday of the month will become our optional theme night, along with additional games. This month the theme is Hats. Wear a fancy hat, a beanie, a wig or anything else you fancy!

Social vs Skating

Mel and Ian are wearing purple skate marshall t-shirts in a sports hall. Behind them are other roller skaters.t
Skate Marshalls at Friday night Social Skate

Everyone roller skates for different reasons - some want to progress with a new skill, some want to find mental peace, others want a hobby that allows them to meet people, some are just curious about the hype! Whatever your reason for roller skating, we will do our best to support it, however, balancing all these different needs is something we discuss a lot! We understand that making friends as adults is challenging, but please be brave and chat to folks in the hall. If this feels like a step too far, do approach our skate marshalls - part of their role is participant wellbeing.

Our skate marshall team are all volunteers - again, everyone volunteers for different reasons. If you would like to be a skate marshall for us - you are welcome to apply here.

We now offer a monthly Skate Pass, which includes every Friday Night Social and one Sunday Class of your choice, as well as the quarterly Skate Maintenance sessions. Just £45 a month!

See you later, skaters!

Roller Girl Gang xox

We want folks to empower themselves to skate into their most confident and joyful lives.

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