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Self-Care Skating

We've spoken to lots of folks who quite rightly view their roller skate time as their commitment to their self-care. It is through this lens that we aim to support as many people as possible to discover the wonderful world of roller skating.

Our self-care routine is highly personal - what works for one person will not be exactly right for someone else. The same is true for our skating. We will want and need different things from our roller skating, based on other factors in our lives, including family needs, work demands maybe even the time of the year. Our approach to structured classes is based on a mix of coaching styles - with the holistic approach being our key one.

We have seen skaters make incredible progress with their roller skate skills through attending our coach-led sessions.

Why is Self-Care important?

Self-care isn't selfish. Just ask anyone who has experienced burnout... Imagine a bucket - in that cup are bubbles representing different parts of your life. If you have a larger bucket, you have more resilience to stresses filling it up. A smaller bucket is likely to overflow sooner. We can increase the bucket size through self-care. This helps our brains to switch off and become more resilient. By the way, some stress is actually a good thing! Fear and stress are designed to keep us safe and there is a level of these that is normal.

This image is from Psychology Today and provides a useful visual. If you're interested in learning more, or unlearning your views around self-care, then please check out Mental Health First Aid courses, provided by MHFA England, as the NHS waiting lists for mental health support grow ever longer.

Develop confidence through roller skating

RGG proudly offer drop-in style classes, rather than a course. You can pick and choose according to your timetable. For skaters who have the time to dedicate to roller skating - we also offer a Skate Pass - choose from a Monthly Pass £45 gets you every Friday Night Social, one of the Sunday Classes, quarterly skate maintenance sessions and now all the local meet-ups and roll outs as well as monthly mindset coaching. Our Annual Pass gets all this PLUS a 1:1 one-hour session with Head coach Mel.

Both passes offer significant savings.

Please note that you will still need to book your slot with a skate pass - it just won't cost you any extra ;)

We simply want as many people as possible to gain confidence, develop self belief and self awareness and we think roller skating offers the perfect way to learn these things.

Empower yourself to be confident and happy by roller skating!

Coming up:

Next weekend is our 5th Annual Valentine's Ball Roller Disco!

Get your tickets ASAP, as on-the-door will be more expensive.

  • March dates are now released and available to book.

  • Skate Park meet-ups

  • Beginner friendly outdoor meet-ups

  • Outdoor roll-outs - various locations and skill levels - be sure to check the description for each one.

This year we have introduced a small charge for our outdoor meet-ups and roll outs to reflect the time taken in preparing and supporting the routes. These are included for Skate Pass holders and GSC members. Our Gangster Skate Crew membership provides access to videos and blog posts recorded during lockdown for a one-time fee.

Is there something you would love us to offer? Drop us a reply and we will see what we can do.

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I love the way you're using those positive words that start with s such as self-care or sunny :-) Keep spreading positivity! :)

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