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Setting up our Studio - behind the scenes

The past month has been a whirlwind at RGG HQ (nothing changed there then!) Our amazing team of coaches and marshalls have ensured our sessions at the Sikh Centre continue to run smoothly. At the same time, we've been negotiating what our move to The Skate Sanctuary at Mabgate Mills will look like. There have been a lot of parts to get right but here is an infographic that should help you understand our process.

The Fundraising

We now have 24 hours left of the original Kickstarter campaign. We will honour this by removing the listing for the current pledge packs from our website on Sunday 5th May 12 noon. That way, we can announce the total you have helped us to raise.

You've still got time to purchase a reward pack - just click below. All rewards will be fulfilled once we are up and running. If you buy a t-shirt + sticker pack as part of your reward, we will be in touch to find out your preferred t-shirt size. T-shirts will be collected from The Skate Sanctuary once printed and ready. Alternatively we can post these.

As an additional thank you, we are offering everyone who has pledged the opportunity to join a 30 minute livestream on YouTube (It will be unlisted) at The Skate Sanctuary - you will get to see how it looks right now before we do anything to it, as well as hear about the plans for the space.

We are also offering folks the opportunity to pledge £1+ and join the livestream, as lots of people have contacted us to say they would love to donate, but are struggling right now. We hear you and appreciate that everyone is doing their absolute best - the cost of living crisis has affected absolutely everyone and we are all having to make very difficult decisions. If you're not able to join at this point, please continue to follow us and we hope to see you at The Skate Sanctuary once we are open.

Corn Exchange Shop - The end of one chapter

Our shop will close on Sunday 12th May 4.30pm, so please get your visit in before then!

We opened the shop in October 2020 just 5 days before the second national lockdown began and have weathered a number of other challenges in the business. We feel very grateful to have been so fully embraced by the skate community and are very excited by the next chapter.

If you have memories to share about our shop or team, we would love to hear them!

What's next?

It will take us some time to get the essential work we want to happen at The Skate Sanctuary - as SOON as we have done this, we will let you know that our doors are open! We anticipate that this will be before the end of May, but until work begins we cannot be more specific.

We have had a fantastic response from local volunteers, so will work as quickly as possible.

Our online shop will remain open 24/7 and we will be able to fulfil orders as usual. Collection from Sikh Centre classes will also be available until The Skate Sanctuary is open.

During May and June we will be trialling various classes and sessions throughout the week to meet the needs of as many people as possible.

Once we are fully open, we will hold a launch party and invite you to come down!

Will sessions at The Sikh Centre continue?

Yes. The Skate Sanctuary is located a 10 minute walk away from the Sikh Sports hall. The studio is intended for confidence building work with small/medium group sessions as well as slower movements, for example less experienced skaters or roller dance. The sports hall is necessary for larger groups and faster movements.

Thank you for your continued support and enthusiasm for Roller Girl Gang's next chapter - we are so excited to offer more.

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