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[Show Up To Grow] Day 13: Movement

by Mel Blackwood @troubleon8wheels

Have you ever heard these slogans?

Meditation in motion – QuadSk8, Amsterdam

Roller skating is my therapy – unknown

Roller skating saved my soul - unknown

In roller skate classes, we tell folks that roller skating is a whole body activity. People don’t always expect this, because when you start, you think roller skating is just for the lower body.

Yes, you will get a toned butt and legs (do those lemons) but you will also develop a stronger core and walk taller (not just because you have skates on!)

Movement is mindful – your focus needs to be on your body and what you are doing, with little room left for any conscious thoughts. If those thoughts start invading, you need to try a movement slightly more challenging!

I’ve learned that the reason movement helps me to feel better is that it unlocks and releases the tension held in my body. Tension builds for lots of reasons – it’s pretty unavoidable. But I can choose to release it in a way that is healthy for me and those around me.

Moving right to the extremities of your body (yes, wave your arms in the air at dance class!) is also very liberating. So many people are worried about how they look, that it holds them back from fully expressing themselves through dance. We support folks to gain confidence gradually and re-train our thoughts away from judgement of others, to being content with ourselves and how we feel.

Do you find movement mindful?

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