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[Show Up To Grow] Day 27: Fatigue

by Mel Blackwood @troubleon8wheels

Today I am tired. I would love to have a rest day or three and switch off completely. It will be another month before that happens though! Ask a small business owner about rest and you will probably receive a dry laugh in return.

On some level I know I am self-sabotaging my own rest. I am getting better at saying no to things that I have absolutely no time or interest in outright - it's better to be honest from the outset. I also take radical accountability for myself. The only person in charge of my wellbeing is me. Lots of people care, but everyone has their own wellbeing to take care of. If we all simply take charge of ourselves, we would never be second-guessing anyone. That can be an energy drain in itself...

On the other hand, I LOVE what I do. I count myself lucky to wake up every day and continue forward on a road that has not been fully built because we are building it together.

On tired days, I do try to conserve my energy. I focus on eating well (Superfood salad for lunch) and doing what I need to do. The housework can wait. So can my emails.

My holiday to Canada was not particularly restful as we were up early and out late! It was worth it though as Elaine and Phil at Retro Rollers Inc could have said sorry we cannot host you right now, come another time. That's not in their nature though. They gave me the warmest Canadian welcome ey! Probably I am still a little jet lagged too.

One step in front of the other for now. Skate class is the energy booster. While I may not feel like it now, I know for certain that later today, once I have rolled around the hall, watching folks gain confidence and skills, I won't want to stop!

Today is one of my favourite sessions too! Our skills workshop is backwards skating, transitions, slalom skills and dips. [Dips are the roller skate move where one foot is behind the other as ou skate backwards. They should be performed as slowly as possible.]

Elaine kindly commented that my dips were some of the smoothest she has seen and had no idea that I diiiip. Haha. I said there is very little footage of me a-dipping. Once the camera is out, my body tenses, so I just don't bother. This photo is from the pop-up rink in St Johns Centre from 2019. I can get even lower now !

What recharges your energy on a dip day?

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