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Skate Exploring in January, Caring in February

January all been about exploring the world around you from a new perspective, one on wheels.

February is all about care. Physical First Aid or Mental Health first aid, self-care and spaces to reflect on your personal growth in roller skating.

My Roller Skate Journey Mini Binder

With pages such as 'where to explore', 'people I've met', skate maintenance diagrams and more, our mini binder has helped folks to explore the world around them as well as the new equipment they may be using.

'If you didn't get your mini binder yet, these are limited edition and there are only a very few left.

Along with the mini binder, are our merit patches. These have been designed to award to yourself and recognise everything you achieve. We don't say well done enough to ourselves as adults, and we would like to remind you how important it is. Mini binder here. Merit patches here.


Information on the blog:

We welcome challenging questions, as it's such a great opportunity to learn and grow! You really do take this challenge seriously sometimes, by asking questions about product compatibility! We do our best to research and reply, or will direct you to somewhere you can find out.

Lots of answers to more common questions can be found right here on the blog.

If you have a question about roller skates or skating that isn't answered already, or information is tricky to find, then please do drop us a line to and we will do our very best to help you out.

Are you planning any skate exploring soon?

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