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Skaters' Stories Project

We'd love to learn more about your roller skate motivation, particularly if you are a minority gender, queer person, person of colour, over 40, or any other marginalised group. However, if you do not fit these criteria, please do still get in touch! You can be at ANY skill level.

You need to be willing to be recorded online, over Zoom, in a 10 minute interview with Mel, and to have this video shared.

You'll receive the questions in advance to prepare.

Drop an email to if you're interested, and we will get back to you.

Why are we doing this?

Stories are powerful. They help us to connect and make meaning from our experience. Understanding that someone else is experiencing something similar to you is helpful, even if they are hundreds of miles away as you know you are not alone.

We are currently in a continued pandemic of loneliness. Despite the positive effect social media can have, we are also aware that it can have a negative effect as some people consume more than they create. We cannot control what people consume but we can share honest, authentic, unedited stories about people's journey in roller skating.

During our classes and sessions, folks have shared their motivation to roller skate with us - these stories are truly humbling. We have heard everything from "it's my self care", "I wanted to do something for myself", "a challenge" to "I have a disability and I never thought I would be able to do this, but I am determined" and "my friends and kids think I'm crazy, but I want to do this." We see you carving out new identities for yourselves and would love to share these stories with more people. Re-telling them second hand is fine, but hearing stories through your voice, seeing your body language and hearing your passion is irreplaceable.

We believe roller skating has a positive effect with both physical and mental wellness because we see it, in ourselves and others.

We'd love to share your story. Please get in touch.

If you're thinking, "do they actually mean me", yes, we do.

You are significant. So is your story.

Skaters' Stories Project

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