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The ColorLab Process at RGG

Updated: Feb 29

by Mel @troubleon8wheels

We are getting more and more enquiries about beautiful ColorLab skates from Riedell, so thought we would share a little more information with you about what happens.

What is ColorLab?

Once you feel roller skating forms part of your identity, you may want to express yourself through how your skates look. ColorLab allows the ultimate self expression, by offering a range of coloured leather, metallic leather and suede so that your roller skates can become instantly recognisable. ColorLab boots are handmade in the USA by a team of extremely skilled boot makers at the Riedell factory at Redwing. All boots are handmade to order; with the majority of orders taking 10-12 weeks. If you want extra customisation, it will likely take longer.

Which skates do you want in custom colours?

We specialise in roller dance skates, so are building a collection of the following models:

ColorLab is extra for the following models:

135 - tan suede boot 'C' width // black suede boot 'D' width

172 OG - black, tall, leather boot with furry tongue 'D' width

297 - black or white leather boot available in narrow/medium/wide widths

336 - black or white leather boot available in narrow/medium/wide widths

ColorLab is included with the following models:

3200 - full ColorLab included available in narrow/medium/wide widths

Full custom boots

It is also possible to alter other aspects, including the width, lining and the sole material, in order to allow for one foot being a different size to the other, a requirement for additional arch support, a different heel height and so on.

It is also possible to have additional customisation, for example embroidery, cut outs or applique. These will elevate your boot to an 'art boot' by Riedell and we will need to send off your design for a quote.

If you would like a full custom skate from Riedell, we will require you to provide a design with as much detail as possible. The more detail you include, the more accurate your quote will be.

Please include:

  • placement of any additional graphic

  • size of any additional graphic

  • whether it is cut out / embossed or embroidery

  • colours you would like the design to be

  • If you would like a quote with a modified design, so you have different price points, please let us know, so that we are not back-and-forth with Riedell.

We have handled quite a few ColorLab and full custom orders now, and are always improving our process. We have learned the right questions to ask you, so that we make the quote process as efficient and accurate as possible.


Our Process

Step 1

Start by booking a ColorLab consultation with us, so we know when to expect you to the shop and can make sure our staff know to expect you. We will bring the different models of the boots we have to the shop for you to handle and try on. It's helpful if you know the boot you would prefer and are confirming your decision.

If you are not able to come to our shop, we can do our best to support you with a distance consultation. We can do this via Zoom, and send out boots for you to try, once we take a deposit.

Step 2

We will get the colour swatches, so you can see these colours yourself and check they are the colours you expected.

Step 3

We will take down the details of your chosen boot, including size, width, the placement of the different colours, and other details about the boot. If you want full customisation we will also take full details from you.

Step 4

We will then send your boot order to Riedell UK, who send it up the chain to Riedell USA. Quote usually take around a week. Once you have the quote, it is up to you to decide if you would like to go ahead with the order.

Step 5

If you decide to go ahead, we require a deposit of 50% to place the order. We will subtract the consultation fee from orders placed within 2 weeks of receiving the quote. The other 50% is due once the boots arrive to store.

Step 6

Once your order has been confirmed, we do not receive any updates. We will contact you once your skates arrive.

Very occasionally, skates arrived sooner than expected! If you are budgeting, it is no problem for us to store them securely until you are ready to settle the balance.


Returns / Exchange and Warranty

We are ONLY able to accept returns or exchanges on custom or ColorLab skates if there is a problem with the manufacturing. If you have ordered the wrong size, and they do not fit, or you ordered the wrong colour, we will not be able to return/exchange them for you.

Riedell's usual boot warranty is for 6 months, but they are so confident of the craftsmanship, they extend the warranty of their ColorLab boots to 1 year.

"We guarantee the craftsmanship, materials, and most importantly, the correct fit of your Riedell custom-built boots for one year. If for any reason you are not satisfied with the boots within one year of the purchase date, the boots may be returned for corrections or repair. "

Boots need to be returned to the dealer you purchased from, so if you get them from us and you have any issues, get in touch with us first.


Are you thinking about custom roller skates, or not ready yet?

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