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This New Year We Need Your Continued Support

Updated: Jan 5

We hope you had a wonderful and restful holiday period and found time for yourself and your loved ones. We've received lots of lovely messages through email, in-person and DMs on our socials checking in on our team too. This is EXACTLY why we are so proud to support and serve this amazing and caring community.

Right now, we very much need your help. (This is a message that we tell others all the time - ask for help when you need it - but in practise is so very difficult to do!)

Unfortunately, the last couple of months have seen us absorb costs far beyond what was expected. This has been due to many reasons - essentially times are tight! Our income in December was almost 40% less than last year, yikes on its own, but coupled with unexpectedly large increases with some fixed costs, like our public liability insurance - over 3 times more than last year - means double yikes!

You see why we need help?

Having said that, this is not a pity post! Far from it. We remain positive and upbeat that if we continue to put joy into the world, the right people will find us. We want to make roller skating as affordable as possible - very challenging when getting good quality products that will support your skating and allow you to develop as a skater have an initial higher cost. We are also very proud of our in-store service and will never pressure sell to customers in-store. We want you to have the right skates.

So, we have decided to hold the BIGGEST January Sale we have ever held. Please take a look at the sale page of our shop (as there is loads more). Maybe you aren't looking for you - but you spot something that is perfect for someone you know, or you're a member of a skate group? Please share (or buy haha!) anything you can! It would help us so much.

If you need more motivation to get out there and skate, while learning new skills and connecting with people, then please buy a copy of My Roller Skate Journey. This e-book costs £15 to download and we start on January 1st 2024 to delve into our first theme! We will be chatting about our skate journey in our Roll with the Gang private group, over on FaceBook, which is free to join. See you there!

Roller Skates on Sale

We've reduced the price of skates we have in our Corn Exchange shop. It's such a joyous moment to pack skates and get them out to people as soon as possible!

Sale prices only apply to products in stock at our shop. If we have to order anything in from our suppliers, it will be at regular price.

Moxi Skates and Boots

Riedell Skates and Boots

Other Skates and Boots

If you've read this far, my goodness we love an appreciate you! As an extra than you for simply being here, we would love to give you a New Year boost for helping us out. Here is an additional 5% discount voucher that can be used on any shop item - yes, including sale and pre-order products!

Just enter code SKATE2024 at the checkout.

Code is valid until Sunday 14th January 2024. One use per customer.

Happy New Year all

Mel and the gang xoxo

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