Tutorial Tuesday : Control your Speed on Hills

Raise your hand for regretting not getting outside more during the hot summer we had in lockdown #1?

Well, we are where we are. Let's make the most of the dry days during lockdown #2 - don't allow this one to pass you by!

We are compiling a Yorkshire directory of places to skate on Instagram - please send in anywhere you have found so other people could benefit. Parks, car parks, paths, quiet roads, a couple of words about the terrain is really useful too.

Controlling your speed on a hill is the key to confident outdoor skating. Make sure you trust your equipment - check your toe stops and wheels are all secure before setting out. Wear any protective gear you need and make sure you have checked out your chosen spot ahead of time, and assessed its suitability for roller skating.

Rolling backwards and the toe stop brake technique will get you down all kinds of hills! If you are at all worried, start at the bottom and go up the hill a little way and roll back down. It doesn't take much hill to pick up more speed than you know what to do with - we have all bailed onto grass!

Stay safe and have fun!

Mel xoxo

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