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Tutorial Tuesday: Crossovers Anti-Clockwise

Crossovers are the how you turn a corner in the most efficient way.

We break it down into a number of smaller steps in our skate classes.

Here's how we do it.

Step 1: Look and point.

We know it sounds silly, but actually, it really works.

It works because your shoulders support the rest of your body turning, so by using your right arm to point across your body when you are turning anti-clockwise, you can turn fairly easily.

To go around the full circle, aim to point for each 90 degrees (so 4 times). Initially, you may feel you need to do this more.

Step 2: Side step

As you look and point, bring your right foot in to your left and then step your left foot back out.

Aim to do this slowly and with control, and with each step you take make sure you bend your knees. Almost to the point where you feel like you are bouncing!

Step 3: Step in front

As you look and point, step your right foot in front of your left and then step your left foot out.

Focus more on putting weight onto the right foot that you are stepping in front, we promise the left foot will just move out of the way. Try to feel your shoulders get lower too, as you take your step, so you sort of bounce down and up again.

Step 4: Step across

As you look and point, step your right foot across your left and then step your left foot out.

Aim to cross your legs as high up your thigh as you can. You can practise side stepping off skates too. All the drilling of bending your knees / developing bounce / looking and pointing should be second nature by the time you try this step. If is isn't, you may need to revisit each of those steps.

As a measure of how far you have come, we often ask our class participants to skate in a clockwise direction... it's good to be able to skate and use both sides of your body equally.

Hopefully you found this tutorial useful (filmed in the summer when it was dry outside). These are great to practise in car parks, where you have more space.

For places to skate in Leeds, or if you would like to recommend somewhere, see the 'Outdoor Skate Spots' highlight on Instagram.

There are tennis courts in Roundhay and Potternewton, car parks at Birstall, Sovereign Square in Leeds city centre is well lit, the Rosebowl car park was being used, but check security.

Hyde Park has a smooth basketball court.

You could also come and skate and test out some wheels at our Skate and Shop evening on Thursday evenings at the Corn Exchange. Booking is highly recommended!

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