Tutorial Tuesday: Cupid Shuffle

This will be the final Tutorial Tuesday of 2020. We always used to end classes with the Cupid Shuffle and it seemed like a great opportunity to end the year with it.

The Cupid Shuffle is a really fun little dance - simple to pick up and really fun to do with friends.

It is a great way in to roller dance for those who may be more hesitant.

Look up Cupid Shuffle however you listen to music and you'll find it.

The basic steps are:

4 counts to the right.

4 counts to the left.

4 counts on the spot.

4 counts to turn.

We always used to turn clockwise, but it doesn't really matter - just mix it up!

Even if you are just side stepping, try to get your shoulders involved and develop that all important bounce.

4-count variations for your sideways travel:


Crab walk

Glide and stop



On the spot variations:


Lift your toe and push your heel out.

Slow toe shuffle

Fast toe shuffle

Turning variations:

Step it round

Bounce it round

Crazy legs to turn

Spin and stop

What variations will you come up with?

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