Tutorial Tuesday: 'Hard Times' Roller Dance Warm Up

This was the first warm up dance ever choreographed, it has a lot of elements to support other fundamental roller dance too.

While taking your toe stops out in favour of jam plugs is eventually recommended for roller dance, as you get a greater angle of movement, and less of a trip hazard when you are skating on your toes, you don't *need* to take your toe stops out for this little warm up.

There is quite a bit of side stepping / two side steps as it was intended to be learned fairly quickly, and once you've done something a little tricker, your 'resting step' is nice to not think about.

Challenge parts: tap your heel toe on the right then left foot on the best (challenging because it's fast).

The backwards stepping in the bridge section before the final chorus.

These will get broken down in future tutorials.

The main thing to remember is to keep it bouncy and have fun.

Song: Hard times by Paramore

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