Tutorial Tuesday: Infinity Swirls

This is a really satisfying flowing move to master.

Video quality: I am so sorry that the bandwidth of the light vs the camera are different, which causes the video to flicker. At the moment I don't have the video editing tools to fix this issue. Please be aware in case it's a problem for you.

I like to have this in a little more space, 2m x 2m minimum as the push out is important to be able to get that smooth flow.

Step 1: C-Step

The pre-learning for the infinity swirl is the C-step. This is an asymmetric movement.

Have all the weight on your back leg and step out with the other foot. Make sure your foot, hip and shoulder are all facing towards your 'front', so you are sideways on.

Push your elbow back to support the backwards rotation, and pull your foot back. As you get towards the back, you need to lift the other foot to allow for a switch.

Make sure you are facing completely the opposite way, with the opposite shoulder, foot and hip facing the front.

Initially it will be slow and a bit clumpy, but practise makes progress :)

Step 2: Follow the feet

To start to make the infinity swirl pattern - imagine you are skating a figure 8, with the foot switch point in the middle. You could put small objects or dots on the floor to help you with this.

Push your heel out and back, and this time, allow the other foot to follow and cross in front of the lead foot, as it heads for the outside edge of your swirl. Allow feet to become parallel and uncrossed approaching the centre point, ready for the switch.

Step 3: Add the arm

In order to push further and maintain balance, its a good idea to add the opposite arm for balance. If you have been using your arm to push your shoulder back in the C-step, this will be a natural extension of that anyway.

Play with your swirl and enjoy the flow!

This has a very different feel to more static footwork, and is definitely a movement that cannot be replicated off skates. The crab walk you could practise in trainers. The Infinity Swirl would be challenging!

We hope you enjoy this movement

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