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Newsletter: Twenty twenty fun...

Who got roller skates for Christmas?

And who is still waiting?

It's probably a pretty even split...

The great news is we would love to welcome you all to our skate team. More than ever, if you have a fierce heart and carefree soul, then you embody the spirit of Roller Girl Gang and we invite you to call yourself a Gangster. Tag us using #RGGgangster #rollergirlang or @roller_girl_gang as we would love to share your post or story on our page. RGGgangsters are all around us - isn't is exciting to know you've taken up a hobby that's almost like a secret superpower? Unless you're carrying your skates, you won't know who is a skater and who isn't. That got you thinking right? Help us to inspire more people to learn to roller skate just by being you.

Now we are back in Lockdown version 3.0 here is some info that we hope will keep you going.



Corn Exchange Store. This has closed once again as it's considered a non-essential shop, however, access to the overall building for staff is much better than previous lockdowns. That means we will easily be able to fulfil your orders without too much of a delay. Posting days are Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday when Royal Mail drivers will actually come and collect your parcels from us at the shop! We are really excited for this service to start!

Deliveries to the shop will also continue as normal, so if you are returning an item, we will get it (it won't be stuck somewhere waiting for the building to re-open.)

We are continuing to liaise closely with all our suppliers, particularly for those of you who are *still waiting* for your skates. If you ordered skates and you are in Europe, we won't be charging you any extra for postage, though we can't be responsible for any import charges at your end.

We are able to offer the 'collect at store' option and orders will be brought out to you at the front steps of the Corn Exchange. When you receive your 'pick up ready' email, you'll also get a phone number to ring so we know when you're there.

All browsing and skate fitting is currently unavailable. The wheel library service is also paused for now. It will resume on Thursday night 'Skate & Shop' nights once lockdown has ended.


Online Learning

Thank you for your enthusiasm to learn with us! We simply love to see people find they can learn to roller skate - at any age, and any body shape - it truly is for every body.

We have a simple programme online to support you.

Monday night 7.30 - 8.30 - Kitchen Choreo

Friday night 7 - 7.30 - Dance Fundamentals (tiny class of 5!)

Friday night 7.30-8.30 - Skate Social

Sunday night 7.30-8.30 - Sunday Funday (members only)

Our instructor team discussed a general skate skills Fundamentals class, but it was difficult to do this during November lockdown, and it was less icy then! We will add this class when the weather becomes better or venues re-open, as skate fundamentals are easier to practise in a larger space than your average kitchen. We will try to support you with tutorials about outdoor skating.

If you would like to join any of the classes, please book sooner rather than later to secure your place as we have very limited availability in some sessions.

Monday Night Choreo - this is intended for skaters who have some roller dance experience and know basic riffs and steps. We will warm up with some skill drills and then launch into a short piece of choreography designed to challenge you! This will be shared in our members tutorial area following the class so you can continue to practise if you wish.

Friday Night Dance Fundamentals - small group of 5 - designed for those skaters who are unsure of the steps or just prefer a smaller group to try online roller dance with. This half hour session will cover a couple of steps we consider vital for your roller dance knowledge. You will also receive the link for the Skate Social that follows, so you are able to continue have a chat and practise what you have just learned.

Friday Night Skate Social - a bit of dancing and a bit of a chat. We will also usually play the song that goes with Monday night's choreography, so you have a chance to perform it if you wish.

Sunday Funday - members only! This will be a range of off-skates activities, starting with a skate-themed quiz, and will also cover some skate maintenance, and a chance to create. Members, just tell us what you'd like and we will do our best to accomodate it!

We will start this Friday 8th January with our Friday Skate Social and our members are being treated to a roller skate themed quiz on Sunday! Bring a drink and a notepad for a lively mood-boosting quiz!


Subscription Box

We are thrilled to have launched our subscription box My Roller Skate Journey, even though our lovely subscribers don't yet have their January Box! (Pandemic Pass, thanks). Our little group has started chatting and supporting each other already - you get out what you put in.

Each month you will receive:

*A themed patch of the month (in the style of a Brownie / Girl Guide patch)

*An item for you or your skates

*Access to 3 Zoom calls each month

*Specially designed pages to help you achieve that month's patch to go in your ring binder.

*We will make a 10% donation of the total boxes sold, to a different roller skate project each month and are delighted to support Project Wheels run by @MaryPopWheels in the Netherlands for February. January's beneficiary was Free Border Skate.

If you would like to join us from February, included in your first box will be a free mini ring binder to make sure all your pages stay together.

If you would like January's pages and patch it is just £5 extra! This will be available to sign up to on our website soon.

We'd love to welcome you to journey with us.


Stay safe everyone, this new strain of COVID is trying hard to ruin our lives. We would like to skate together someday - dream destination is Skate Love BCN 2021, but we will happily settle for a sports hall roller disco!

Much love,

Mel and the instructor team



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