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Unlocking your Potential: How to Level up your Skate Skills this Summer

Are you ready to level-up your skate skills this summer? Whether in-person or online, Roller Girl Gang are here to help. We would love to be part of your skate journey.


Learn Online with Roller Girl Gang

We love teaching classes face to face but we also know there are many reasons why this may not fit in within your routine. From physical location to schedule, work and care commitments, the list goes on but does that mean there's no time to learn to roller skate? Absolutely not!

Now you can learn online here: Learn Online | Roller Girl Gang

Learn with Mel, our director and lead instructor, whose passion for roller skating brings this deluxe video series to life. This course has been carefully crafted for absolute beginners to cover the fundamentals of roller skating, you can re-watch them again and again to practice your skills.

It is so special to be able to share this series with you and spread the joy of roller skating outside our Yorkshire teaching space.


Roller Skate Fundamentals Workshop

Just like our online course, the roller skate fundamentals workshop is designed for absolute beginners to introduce you to the foundations of roller skating skills.

You do not need any previous experience to attend this class, we keep the coach to student ratio high to ensure you are well supported. Our friendly team will help you with getting started, safe falling, starting, stopping and so much more. What is so special about our beginner groups is watching the progress, not just in skate skills but in confidence on and off wheels. Seeing beginners progress along their skate journey is amazing. Our not so secret, secret... lots of members of the shop, coach and instructor team, have learned as adults themselves, so have a bit of a soft spot of this class.

We'd love to see you start your journey with us!


Get Outta the Way Workshop

Join us for our “Get Outta the Way!” workshop! Our team of fantastic coaches will support you in building up your lateral skills and control so you do not need to ask folks to move for you. These skills are ideal whether you are skating in a rink or out and about in parks or on pavements.

Your lateral skills are the movements taking you from side to side, developing these to build towards transitions will lay the foundation for the fundamentals to give you confidence in your control skills.

We do encourage skaters to push themselves just outside of their comfort zone however this is totally at your own pace, we would always recommend taking new skills slowly, practising them carefully over time. Wherever you are in your skate journey if you’d like to increase control we are here to help!


Outdoor Confidence Workshop

Our first outdoor confidence workshop of the summer was amazing! We had such lovely feedback from the skaters who attended, so we just knew we had to run more sessions. So, what is it all about…well we all know skating is somehow ‘easier’ in the space we are most familiar with and on the surface, we are most used to. For many of us, that is inside a sports hall. Sports halls are predictable, with smooth flooring, no incline and we tend to build that muscle memory that means we almost don’t need to concentrate too hard.

The sun comes out, we want to be brave and explore new spaces, particularly outdoors on our wheels…BUT the outdoors requires different skills, we have uneven surfaces, inclines, twigs on the path (you name it!) to contend with. That can make trying on new places daunting.

This is where our workshop comes in. We will help you to utilise the skills you already have to progress your skating to the next level. By focusing your skills on those needed for outdoor skating, you can roll outdoors feeling great, knowing that you’ve got this!


Family Friendly Learn 'n' Roll

This laid back session is a great way to have a relaxed family practice. Our hall is split into two areas for this session, one as a slow moving practice zone and the other as a faster pace rink space.

The amazing RGG Marshalls will also be on hand to offer quick tips and hints for you to try out on your wheels <3

See you there!


Roller Dance Workshop

As well as our YouTube channel which features free dance-along tutorials, we also have in-person dance workshops coming up. Perfect for if you'd like to brush up your roller dance skills before the Project House Roller Disco or even the Corn Exchange Disco this Hallowe'en.

Roller disco is also brilliant for developing balance and control on your skates, but doing it having a great time! If you have attended a RGG Dance workshop before and have a favourite please get in touch and let us know. We will do our best to try to include as many requests as possible in our dance class. Our goal is to help you find your skating groove, we demonstrate skills at two levels to allow both those newer to roller dance and those more experienced the opportunity to join in and progress in their own personal journey.

Take part in as much or as little as you are ready for, our team will be on hand ready to help break down the moves to what you feel comfortable with. Enjoy every minute!

At the end of July we will be taking a short break from classes until September :) Our final class will be 30th July. Friday night socials will continue as normal and there is also the fab Roller Disco at Project House coming up on 5th August.


Have fun drilling, building your skills and confidence this summer!

Team RGG xoxo

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1 Comment

Laslo Keller
Laslo Keller
Oct 21, 2023

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