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What's on - July 2024

Ready to kick your summer off with some amazing moves? Keep your eyes peeled for our packed-full schedule! Between the skate sanctuary and Ramgarhia Sikh sports centre, there is a place for all to come and say hi whilst getting your grooves on.

We're kicking off July with a variety of classes at our still freshly new studio space, The Skate Sanctuary. Roll on in to our open level practices to get your daily fix of skating. We want everyone to feel welcome whether you're giving a new skill a go or you're this close to learning a new dance routine, theirs space for all. Don't have your own skates? We've got you covered. Our hire skates are waiting for you for only £2, come and give it a try.

If you're left with a buzz and desire to give building up your skills a go, pop in to one of our beginner skate classes at both The Skate Sanctuary and Ramgarhia Sikh sports centre. Build your confidence on skates with a small group of people. We'd love for the community to get bigger!

Let's be honest, we all know that feeling at the end of a session... Buzzing from excitement but all that fun can leave you a bit parched! We've got a selection of drinks and snacks available.


Don't worry, it's still here... It's a favourite, Friday Night Social! Relax with the beloved weekly wind-down as you roll into a super chill space for everyone. This month we'll be celebrating pride with a pre-party joined by DJ James aka Doghouse Disco. FNS is an adult roller disco for all levels and genders of roller skaters!

We understand that if you have less skate experience it can be difficult to relax, just ask our team. Need help figuring out which protective gear to put on and where? (it's more common than you may think). Our awesome volunteer skate marshals are here to ensure that you and others are feeling safe and offer some words of encouragement. Dance your way into the centre and express yourself with your best moves. It could never be said enough, this is space for all levels of experience. No pressure, if you're feeling up for it, let's all dance together and have a chat on wheels.

FNS is proudly alcohol-free not only due to obvious safety reasons but as an alternative option to the typical night out so that it can be enjoyed by everyone. We want everybody to be able to feel welcome and comfortable or try out something different.


Mark the date down, Saturday the 20th of July we're introducing our first ever Fan Flow Workshop & Jam! I can least speak for myself when I say that I find it mesmerizing to watch cool fan moves both on and off skates. So come on down to The Skate Sanctuary and try it for yourself with our first guest teacher Chi Ho. Sharing the joy of waving a fan doesn't only look awesome, but it keeps you nice and cooool so you have more energy to dance to your hearts content. We can't wait to see how everyone finds this.


There are so many new skills to learn, where should you get started? Our skills focus sessions are here to stay! This class is ideal for folks that are beyond fundamental level and wish to keep improving what they already know. Keep improving those fundamental skills alongside like-minded others at our summer skate workshop - Flip reverse. Start off your July by getting groovier, smoother, faster and work on those backwards crossovers.

Want to get your hands on more, we've got you covered. As we reach the end of July we're going to look at turning around with a Transitions workshop. Let us share some moves with you so you can choose a way to turn in every situation.

Still wanting more after, don't worry, there are more in August!


We are trialling lots of different classes at The Skate Sanctuary to see what you would like more of. Roller Grooves Online is our first online class for a while! We are also offering an in-person version of this session, so hope you can join us wherever you are. We want rollerskating to be accessible for everyone no matter where you may be so join in with a way of moving that feels great and get the jams on!

It's also worth mentioning that Gangster Skate Crew and Deluxe members will have access to the class to replay too, we appreciate each and every person that can support us in many different ways than one!


Finally, have a peek at our websites skate dates to find yourself a mix of roller dance, skate flow and family friendly sessions. With the fantastic addition of The Skate Sanctuary, you can now find a range of classes catered to all different groups - children, families and adults. So whether you're feeling like treating yourself to a bit of self care or wanting to introduce the little ones, come on down and learn a few roller essential skills. We'd love to see you!

See you soon skaters!

Roller Girl Gang

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