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What to Practise for Confidence Building - Part 2

Hopefully you've enjoyed working on challenging your balance?

If not, head back to Part 1 of this mini-series and check out the linked video.

I really should have put this part - falling - first. However, I also didn't want to put people off... so it's part 2.

We don't like to practise falling publicly. Falling is associated with failure and therefore, shame. However, we can unlearn this to make falling a powerful part of learning. Embracing learning to fall is essential to become a more confident roller skater.

Every time you fall, you connect your mind and body a little more. You body understands that at this speed, on this floor, with these wheels, falling feels like this. Which is why we need to practise. Over and over.

I think conquering a fear falling is so important that you don't need to be a website member to watch it. If you are a member already, I appreciate you so much! If you're not, please consider signing up - it's £20 for life.

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